Tips for Choosing Colors: 2016 Home Color Trends

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home interior design, color trends

Throughout our service area of Bethesda, MD and beyond, you want to concentrate on the colors to use for your new home. This means both indoors and outdoors. It is going to have an impact on curb appeal as well as how you feel as you go from room to room in your house. Here are some tips to help you … Read More

Home Financing Checklist: What You Need for Mortgage App

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monthly budget for mortgage application

If you are a first time home buyer or builder, it will help to have your paperwork ready and make sure you have what you need for your mortgage application. To help keep you from being overwhelmed, here’s a home financing checklist: Documents Needed for Mortgage Application Proper Identification Make sure you have a valid form of ID like a … Read More

It’s Spring! Get Your Maryland or Washington DC Yard Ready!

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box of pruned branches, spring cleanup

Spring cleaning is typically considered a time to open all the windows and thoroughly cleaning the interior of your house. Yet, Maryland and Washington DC yards, lawns and flower beds also need tending to at this time of year. Consider the following tips for how to get your yard ready this spring. Rake Gardens & Lawn Over the winter it is … Read More

What is Lawn Aeration & Why You Should Aerate Lawn

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lawn aeration from Rasevic Landscaping, Bethesda MD

It seems like a normal enough day sitting in your backyard enjoying a nice cold beverage after a long day at the office when your neighbor walks out. He throws you a wave and you notice the spear looking object in his hand. Curiosity aroused, you watch as he begins stabbing at the yard with the two pronged spear. Well, … Read More

10 Ideas To Create Your Dream Ensuite or Master Bathroom Suite

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ensuite, luxury master bathroom

A luxurious ensuite or master bathroom suite is something every homeowner dreams about having and designing. Creating the perfect ensuite can take some creativity and ingenuity. If you are looking to achieve this in your home, we have developed 10 ideas to create your dream master bathroom suite. Keep them in mind while you are going through the design of your … Read More

How to Hire the Best Snow Removal Service in MD & Washington DC

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snow removal front end loader

This time of the year, you probably don’t have winter on the mind. But with it barely being behind us, it’s a great time to reflect on how your snow removal services went while it’s fresh in your mind. If you own a business in Washington DC or Maryland, snow removal can have a big impact on your success 4-6 … Read More

Labyrinths Coming to Washington D.C. & Maryland Homes

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labyrinth paver patio

People have designed labyrinths for thousands of years, and they are making a comeback in Washington D.C. and Maryland homes as a stunning garden trend. These mazes and their distinctive patterns have served as both meditation devices and unique landscaping features. Labyrinths are a fascinating idea that can let you wow your neighbors with your yard. David Tolzmann says that … Read More

Montgomery County Rainscapes Rebate: Controlling Storm Water

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water saturated grass, puddle

Having a waterlogged lawn is like having a bad roof – impossible to tolerate while it’s happening, but after the water goes away, it’s easy to forget that you must take action while it’s dry. The best way to think about controlling storm water drainage is that it’s not just a fix, but an opportunity to add the beautiful landscaping you’ve … Read More

3 Quick Pruning Tips for Beautiful Shrubs and Trees

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pruning tree branch

Pruning is a regular maintenance procedure for shrub and tree growers around the USA and especially where we’re located in the greater Washington, D.C. and Baltimore areas. While homeowners may find it easy to overlook, pruning is vital to the overall health and appearance of trees and shrubs. Here are a few tips that anyone can practice regardless of your … Read More