Tips for Choosing Colors: 2016 Home Color Trends

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Throughout our service area of Bethesda, MD and beyond, you want to concentrate on the colors to use for your new home. This means both indoors and outdoors. It is going to have an impact on curb appeal as well as how you feel as you go from room to room in your house. Here are some tips to help you when choosing colors for your new home as well as 2016 color trends to keep in mind.

Paint colors impact curb appeal as well as how you feel as you go from room to room in your house. Click To Tweet

Consider the Function of the Room

When you are painting the interior of your home, it’s important to look at the overall function of the room. This will help you to use color psychology to determine what color should be used. For example, yellow is calming while red is romantic and bold. Choosing the right color is going to affect your mood and the overall personality of the room.

2016 Color Trends for Homes

Keep in mind the various color trends for 2016 so your home is updated and fresh. At Benjamin Moore, Simply White is the color of the year because of the ambience and subtle beauty that it offers. Learn how to make bold statements by introducing high chroma colors into the room. Our clients prefer light shades of different shades of grays, blues and creams to keep rooms bright, but offer subtle hues.

Add Depth To The Room

You can add depth to a room in a variety of different ways. This means that once you have the color for the room, you can try and go with something artistic, such as:

  • Painting one wall with a bold color and choosing neutral for the others
  • Using various finishes, such as sponging or burnished metal
  • Using various materials, like a combination of natural stone, drywall and wood accents in a room

Get creative, think about details and don’t be afraid to add personality to your home décor.

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