What Are “Woodchucks” in Bethesda? Not What You Think!

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Opening Door - how to hire no scams

Springtime is coming, and it is a beautiful season in Bethesda and Washington DC. Unfortunately, it is also the season when landscaping, garden maintenance, and home repair scams come into full bloom. In order to avoid being the victim of “woodchucks,” here are some things you should know. What’s a Woodchuck? Landscaping, garden maintenance, and home repair scams are not … Read More

5 Ideas to Beautify Your Winter Landscape in the Mid-Atlantic

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winter landscape-berries

Both spring and summer are wonderful seasons. It’s the time when your yard looks the most beautiful, filled by flowers, lush green grass, and other flowering trees. However, as we move into winter, you may find that the beauty you love so much in the spring and summer has dwindled away. Fortunately, there is no need to despair, as winter landscape on your … Read More

5 Incredible Benefits of Landscape Lighting & Garden Lights

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landscape lighting garden lights

Your home is your pride and joy. Once you have laid down your lawn, planted your flower beds, and set up the barbecue on the back porch, you may think your work is done. There’s more though! Adding landscape lighting and garden lights is a great way to highlight your yard’s best features and make your home a safer place. … Read More

Complete Mid-Atlantic Winter Prep Guide for Your Home & Yard

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Mid-Atlantic winter prep leaves autumn

If you live in the Bethesda, MD, greater Washington, DC, or Baltimore areas, you know that there are things you should do for Mid-Atlantic winter prep to keep your home in top condition all winter long. This goes beyond cleaning out gardens and gutters. There are many areas of your home and yard that need winter prep for the cold, snowy, icy … Read More

Retaining Wall & Hardscaping Options for Beautiful Landscapes

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retaining wall hardscaping sample

New home construction, or upgrades to existing homes, usually requires attention to the outside of the home as well as the inside. Beautiful landscapes immediately come to mind, especially in mature greenery area of Bethesda, Maryland where we are located. Once colorful blooms have burst on the scene, you have instant curb appeal. However, many times retaining walls and hardscaping are needed too. But … Read More

Winter Landscape: Perfect Outdoor Plants for Winter Landscaping in DC

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winter landscape - winter jasmine flower covered in frost

For gardeners and homeowners in the Maryland-DC area, winter doesn’t have to mean sterile white, dead gardens. There are many plants you can add to your winter landscape that bloom in winter – even in our area! Now is the perfect time to look around your garden and think about ways to bring color and texture to your winter landscape. Here … Read More

10 Tips To Prepare Your DC & Bethesda Gardens for Fall

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Bethesda Gardens - Paprika Virag Flower Bed

With the flurry of spring planting over, it’s time to pick up your hoe, wipe your brow, and consider… Fall. Yup, that’s right. Even as the kids are splashing around in the pool and your significant other is grumbling about the heat, you have to face the facts that cooler weather is just around the corner. Summer can’t last forever. … Read More

Montgomery County Landscape & Garden Tips for Small Spaces

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small urban garden: Montgomery County landscape

Montgomery County landscape and gardens need to conform to smaller spaces. The average lawn size in Montgomery County is a bit over 2,000 square feet. But the small urban garden is a magical place with the right elements of style and design. A small backyard has the potential to become a room-like sanctuary. And a front or side yard adds … Read More

Bethesda MD Landscaping for Luxury & Local Landscape Trends

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Outdoor Fireplace - Outdoor Living Area

Luxury home building and remodeling is flourishing throughout the Bethesda MD and Washington DC areas. Typical buyers look not only for quality in a build and style of home, but also in curb appeal and landscaping design. Designers of luxury landscaping offer many options, but often, the end product seems very cookie cutter, similar to local neighborhoods or their surrounding … Read More

How To Prepare Your Landscape & Gardens to Thrive in Heat

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thrive in heat with in ground sprinkler lawn irrigation system

The mid-Atlantic states have enjoyed a warm, dry spring in 2016. Along with that, a hotter than average summer is predicted in the Washington, D.C. and Bethesda area, so keeping landscapes hydrated so they thrive in heat will become a top priority. Extended periods dry weather are especially difficult for established plants that don’t normally require supplemental water. Dry heat also turns lawns to … Read More