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Now that you know a bit about Rasevic, here's what makes us different from other companies. The Rasevic Companies are family owned - in fact, brothers Paul and Mark Rasevic have worked together since they were kids. What does that mean for customers? There is a long history of meticulous service supported by mutual integrity from a similar upbringing.

The Rasevic companies are different from other businesses in the Washington DC and Bethesda, MD region because they offer a unique combination of services to meet every need of families and businesses seeking luxury new home construction, snow removal and landscaping services. By choosing just one company you can trust, customers can rely on efficient and high quality service.

“One of the best things about the Rasevics’ various businesses is the synergy.”Thomas Heath, The Washington Post
Rasevic Snow Removal - Bethesda, MD
Rasevic Landscaping - Bethesda, MD
Rasevic Home Construction - Bethesda, MD

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