It’s Spring! Get Your Maryland or Washington DC Yard Ready!

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box of pruned branches, spring cleanup

Spring cleaning is typically considered a time to open all the windows and thoroughly cleaning the interior of your house. Yet, Maryland and Washington DC yards, lawns and flower beds also need tending to at this time of year. Consider the following tips for how to get your yard ready this spring.

Rake Gardens & Lawn

Over the winter it is likely a few twigs fell and some leaves found their way back onto your lawn. There may also be some dead grass under the new growth. Therefore, it is helpful to give the lawn a raking to remove any debris. This should be the first step of your spring preparation.

Repair Bare Patches in Grass

Take a close look at the grass. Re-seed any bare patches you find in the lawn. If you have a dog, you are likely to see brown patches of grass from their urine. Rake those areas thoroughly first, then re-seed. To properly re-seed be sure to first loosen the soil prior to spreading grass seed and compost on the bare spot. Water frequently.

Aerate Lawn

To obtain a healthy lawn, it is best to aerate so water and nutrients can reach the roots of the grass. This can be done at different times of the year, but Spring is an option to consider because of all the rain we get in April and May.

Mulch Gardens

Nothing spruces up a garden quicker than fresh mulch. Consider adding a layer of mulch around plants, shrubs and trees. Mulch has many benefits including reducing weeds and keeping the soil moist. The mulch should be 2-3 inches thick for greatest benefit and it’s best to remove weeds or spray them with Round Up before applying mulch.

Prune Trees & Shrubs

Look at your trees and shrubs to identify broken or dead branches. They should be easy to locate as they will not have new growth on them and will be brown. Prune dead wood carefully just beyond new buds so you don’t interfere with new growth. Check other woody plants, like rose bushes as well. Early spring or late fall is the best time to prune trees, when the plant is dormant. Spring flowering shrubs are usually best pruned after they bloom, and to Summer/Fall flowering shrubs are best to prune before spring growth.

Plan Your Gardens

Will you have a vegetable garden? Where will you plant flowers? Now, is the time to plan. Cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and herbs are known to grow well in the Washington DC area and can be planted outside now. For other options consult the National Garden Association Guide. When considering flower plants, Washington Gardener provides tips for what will grow well in the area. Research to find what you like and figure out where you will plant in your yard. Then get to work planting so you can enjoy beautiful and fruitful gardens all summer!

Many homeowners find they don’t have time to complete the tasks associated with preparing their yard for spring. At Rasevic Companies, we would be happy to provide assistance. Contact us for additional information.

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