How to Reduce Weeds in Flower Beds

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Weed prickers

One of the biggest challenges every property owner or manager encounters when maintaining flower beds is keeping weeds to a minimum. No matter how much effort you spend on watering the plants and providing nutrients, weeds can make all your efforts in having a healthy garden in vain. At Rasevic, we specialize in landscaping services in the Mid-Atlantic region, so … Read More

10 Tips to Prepare Washington DC & Bethesda, MA Gardens for Fall

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Autumn flower path

Summer will not last forever, and you will soon start experiencing crisp chill air. Before the weather sets in, it’s wise to pay special attention to your garden. If you do, you can retain the good looks of your Washington DC and Bethesda, MD garden till the end of fall. Here are 10 useful tips that you can follow to … Read More

Residential Dust Control Strategies

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Bethesda Residence Landscaping Project by Rasevic Landscape Company in Bethesda, MD

Looking for effective tips to keep the dust down in your yard? We can help! Nothing is more aggravating than sweeping the deck or cleaning your bookcases just to have a new layer of dust settle in the next day. We can’t avoid sweeping and dusting, but we CAN make efforts to decrease the quantity of dust in our lawns … Read More

Should you use magnesium chloride and calcium chloride for dust suppression in landscaping? 

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dust in hand

Along with being used in winter months for ice management, Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride are frequently employed as dust suppression compounds on unpaved roads, construction sites, solar energy farms, on baseball fields, and even in landscaping. Chlorides have water-absorbing elements that make them suppress dust longer than water alone, and they also provide the bonus of making surfaces harder … Read More