4 Snow Removal Services You Need This Winter

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Ice Melt on Road with Car

If you live in the cold and snowy Mid-Atlantic region, you want to be sure you are prepared for the winter weather season that is fast approaching. Storms are not always predictable, which is why you need to have a professional snow removal company like Rasevic Companies on-hand to help keep your commercial business or municipality operating safely no matter … Read More

Keep Your Roadways Safe this Winter with Liquid Road Brine

Dawn KruegerSnow Removal

Liquid Brine vs Rock Salt photo

If you are looking to beat the storms this winter and return your roads to drivable conditions faster, you need professional liquid road brine treatments from Rasevic Companies. One treatment of liquid brine will effectively prevent ice build-up and make your entire storm cleanup process faster. Read more to learn about anti-icing liquid brine treatments and how they can save … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Anti-Icing with Liquid Salt Brine

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Melted Ice on Road from Liquid Brine Pretreatment

If you have ever seen winter storm crews working on the roads before a big storm, chances are they are applying an anti-icing liquid salt brine pre-treatment. Typically, liquid brine is applied with the use of tank trucks before a storm in order to protect the road surfaces from ice build-up that occurs during snowfall. Pre-treatment helps reduce the clean-up … Read More

Prevent Icy Roads with Liquid Brine Pre-Treatments

Dawn KruegerSnow Removal

Liquid Brine Road De-icer Pretreatment

Winter in the Mid-Atlantic can bring harsh snow and ice storms, and without proper preparation and treatment, these storms can cause a lot of harm to roadways, people, and property. The best way to prepare for a winter storm is by pre-treating your roads, sidewalks, and highways with liquid brine to prevent dangerous ice build-up. Read more to learn how … Read More