Montgomery County Rainscapes Rebate: Controlling Storm Water

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Having a waterlogged lawn is like having a bad roof – impossible to tolerate while it’s happening, but after the water goes away, it’s easy to forget that you must take action while it’s dry. The best way to think about controlling storm water drainage is that it’s not just a fix, but an opportunity to add the beautiful landscaping you’ve always wanted around your home. Here’s how to make a difference in your community using something called “Rainscapes” and even get a little money back to boot!

What are Rainscapes?

Rainscapes are a landscape or design technique that reduces or redirects storm water runoff that would normally flow straight into nearby streams. The problem with runoff is that it carries trash, chemicals and pet waste that are harmful to the environment.

And there’s big news for Montgomery County, Maryland residents and business owners! An official RainScapes program is available for great ideas and financial savings – as much as $2,500-$10,000 in rebates to ease the cost of your project. The great thing is that your efforts are reducing local storm water issues as a whole, while promoting native habitat.

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How to control storm water runoff

Great landscaping that re-mediates drainage issues requires a drain system that can be either underground or above ground. Dry bed systems collect the water and direct it offsite or into a dry well. Part of your landscaping solution can include collecting some of the runoff into a pond, rain barrel, or other water harvesting solution for use later on.

A rain garden is another way to contribute to local environmental goals while beautifying your landscape. One resident’s rain garden completely alleviated a situation where runoff from neighboring houses resulted in ankle-deep standing water. The beautiful thing about rain gardens is that they can include important plants to sustain local birds and migrating butterfly populations.

If you don’t want to change your landscaping, a permeable pavement driveway can remediate standing water issues on your property, and has fewer icing problems in winter than concrete or asphalt. Again, you’ll be giving back to the environment while resolving your own drainage issues.

Whatever your needs, if you live in the Maryland or Washington D.C. areas, contact us today to learn about how we can solve your water problems with a touch of style.

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