What to expect in a landscape project

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pulling weeds during landscape renovation

We like to do our best to ensure that all of our customers and future potential customers are as informed as possible. That’s why we want to spend the time to do some information sharing on topics ranging from snow & ice management to what landscaping services entail.

By helping you understand the moving parts that landscaping services will cover, you won’t be surprised about anything, from the timeframe to the level of detail we may go into from time to time.

We prioritize understanding your landscaping vision

As you already may know, landscape design services are the most critical component. Frankly, it’s due to the fact that you can save a lot of time and headache by being present at the landscape design portion.

This is true whether there’s already landscaping done and this is more about landscaping renovation services or if you’re looking for a service provider of landscape services for commercial buildings, government facilities, industrial companies, or manufacturing companies. Basically, we specialize in big projects in landscaping and can help to bring out the right design while bringing down the cost.

That’s the other factor with any landscape project; the landscape design is before the real heavy money is spent on labor, equipment, installation, and, well, the overall work. In turn, never worry if your landscape design is delayed or extended because it’ll be easily seen as a huge benefit.

Review of the landscaping area

As part of the landscape design services offered, we’re also looking at the space itself, not just on paper but on blueprints, municipalities’ information, and other types of building records.

We want to make sure when we start the digging; we don’t end up causing the landscaping to be water scaping due to hitting a pipe here or there. We also want to see what the area looks like to see if any limitations would need to be considered.

For example, maybe there’s a restriction on electricity usage, so we’ll have to rethink our landscape lighting services. Maybe the landscaping services area is near wildlife or wooded areas, so we may have to install some deterrents.

This walkthrough and review of the landscaping area help us take an iterative approach to the entire project. It requires a bit of prep work than how snow removal or snow & ice management is handled, where that’s more about prepping the areas before snowfall and then attacking the snowfall with the right type of products and equipment.

The actual project begins

With our landscape designs, and all the necessary tools, approvals, budgets, and go ahead, we can begin to break ground if that’s what the landscaping calls for. Whether this project takes two weeks or two months, anything can happen even after careful planning.

As a service provider of landscape services for government properties or municipalities, we understand that plans can change or be delayed, or approval may get shifted. Having a contingency or being flexible enough to trust us as your landscaping service provider means we’ll help you navigate any roadblocks along the way.

Since we’ve done our due diligence and spent a long time with our landscape design services, we’re doing our best to get the projects done quickly because the roadmap is already out there. Yet plants may come in withered, or products might be delivered broken from vendors.

No worries since we ourselves also have backup plans in case this happens. No matter what, if we give you a timeframe for any type of landscaping services, whether it’s landscaping maintenance services, landscaping renovation services, or a complete landscaping service from the ground up, we’ll stick to those time frames more often than not.

The project ends, and the landscaping review and maintenance begin

There are different types of landscaping maintenance services to be aware of, and that’s about making sure that all the plants, grass, and trees are properly taken care of, especially after being recently installed.

We’ll work out a proper landscaping maintenance services schedule to be able to fertilize all the flora and trim out the weeds as necessary to give everything a chance to grow and thrive properly.

As we come back routinely for these landscaping maintenance services, our team helps to take the time to walk the grounds and make sure everything else is working correctly.

For example, we check to ensure that all the landscape lighting is properly turning on and connected well, and make sure everything else, such as the stone walkways, benches, fountains, and everything else we placed there, are all in working condition. Installed without any defects, cracks, or issues.

This allows us to give the landscaping services a time to breathe and settle in. While at the same time, we’re able to keep coming back and doing spot checks here and there.

It’s important we do that because, as a service provider of landscape services for commercial businesses and government facilities, these can be huge spaces to cover, and even those areas that aren’t thoroughly traveled through still get a chance to be checked in on to ensure that everything is working.

Follow up

Down the line, as the months pass, we always recommend landscaping services such as a landscaping check in to see how everything is panning out and if there have been any issues after the landscaping maintenance services end.

We might recommend renewing landscaping maintenance services or offering our landscaping renovation services a few years down the line to make sure your space, building, or town looks refreshed and revitalized.

Whatever you do when it comes to landscaping services is to be negligent and ignore these outdoor spaces. These are the first point of contact for many people who may come to your commercial business or Federal property.

You want to make sure that there’s a sense of orderly maintenance happening with the proper amount of landscaping services happening. Otherwise, people might think twice about coming back!