The Importance of Professional Landscape Design

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The weather is getting warmer in the Mid-Atlantic so it’s time to think about your landscaping needs and the idea of professional landscape design services if you want something extraordinary. Landscaping design with hardscapes and plants should be well planned out to best utilize spaces based on their shape, sun, purpose and soil conditions. Here are some tips to get you rolling.

Start with a landscape review

Before anything, make an appointment with a professional landscaping services provider to get their review of your property and goals. Professional landscape design companies will be able to do assess and audit your property to see what the space looks like and how they’ll be able to work with it to achieve the goals you have.

Knowing what the current state of landscaping is, how much pre-work needs to be done, and where some major lines and mains are will help to ensure a smooth operation when it comes to landscaping maintenance or landscaping renovations.

Suppose the property has never gone through any type of landscaping. In that case, that could also be an advantage, as having that blank canvas providing landscaping services for municipalities or big new industrial companies will help manage resources and reduce costs.

Landscaping design planning is key

Landscape design helps solve property issues and/or beautify properties. Planning is essential so a property can look its best all season long.

That’s why any service provider for landscaping services covering residential, government properties and commercial businesses will spend extensive amounts of time within this phase. This is the time where everything will be planned, every square inch will be covered and drawn up, and the design will essentially be the map that will help to bring everything to reality.

It might seem like being overzealous at the start, but knowing exactly where the walkways will be, where the seating areas need to go, and what types of plants and trees need to be planted beforehand helps during implementation.

It will help with what the overall initial visuals were in one’s mind and how they’ll actually look when implemented. Changes being made here are recommended during the landscape design, and we will often require it to ensure that we have the right initial approved landscape design the first time.

When the landscaping design portion is being done, it’s also important to make sure the budget for the project falls within your desires. We actually prefer to address this in advance of any design planning. Every new landscaping section will have a dollar amount associated with it, which includes the parts, materials, plants, bricks, benches, and whatever else will go into that section.

It will be an advanced look at what the landscaping will look like and cover even landscape lighting throughout the entire design. Your landscape services provider knows that federal and government properties can be quite large and require a great deal of time spent in the planning phase. Otherwise, there will be too many revisions needed as the project is being implemented.

What happens without professional landscape design services?

If there’s no professional landscape plan, then people tend to haphazardly add plants to an area that may not be the right size, color or in the right spot for the sun or shade they require. Professional landscape designers know what plants thrive in the region and with your specific sun and soil conditions. They also know how far apart to plant items and how tall they will get so they remain beautiful even after a few years. There’s nothing worse than putting money and effort into planting shrubs and flowers, then having them die or need to be moved in a few years because they are too big or they didn’t thrive in the area they were planted.

If you sit down with a professional landscape designer, be sure to ask about what the area will look like with proper care in 5 years or 10 years. Depending on your needs, most people want their investment to be more than a temporary solution.

Try to get all your landscaping plan questions and concerns addressed before construction begins. Each change after a landscape design is already approved means changing mid-construction, mid planting, and mid landscaping maintenance. That change can technically affect the entire landscaping project and landscape design because it may affect other parts.

For example, maybe you’re looking to put a fountain in a different location, but then the water lines need to be redirected from a different angle. That could in turn make it too complex for the wiring for the landscape lighting services teams that are trying to put in landscape lighting for the nighttime.

The list of potential issues that can happen after landscaping services begin will lead to chaos and unsatisfactory performance from landscaping services and ultimately unsatisfied customers.

Patience is your friend

Taking the extra time in with professional landscape design services, even if it takes another week, month or quarter can benefit the overall project long term. As a service provider of landscape services for Municipalities in the mid-Atlantic region, we’re well aware of just how big the scope can be (as it can cover whole towns and cities), and that’s why we always push and reinforce the need to be able to spend time on this.

As an added bonus, with landscape design services taken seriously, a lot of the materials can be bought in bulk, in advance, and that translates into savings across the board because of the proper planning and foresight happening here.

This will also help us design landscaping maintenance services after the landscaping implementation or landscaping renovations and ensure scheduling is available.

Moving forward with your landscaping design

No matter what kind of landscaping design project you have – whether you are managing a residential property, or the grounds at a commercial business, government agency, or large industrial and manufacturing company – landscaping design services have the best results when you take time for professional planning.

If your property is located in the Mid-Atlantic region including Maryland, Virginia, Delaware or the greater Washington D.C. area, please let our team know if we can help! Just contact us online or fill out the quick form below to request a quote.

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