It’s Spring! Get Your Maryland or Washington DC Yard Ready!

Dawn KruegerLandscaping

box of pruned branches, spring cleanup

Spring cleaning is typically considered a time to open all the windows and thoroughly cleaning the interior of your house. Yet, Maryland and Washington DC yards, lawns and flower beds also need tending to at this time of year. Consider the following tips for how to get your yard ready this spring. Rake Gardens & Lawn Over the winter it is … Read More

What is Lawn Aeration & Why You Should Aerate Lawn

Dawn KruegerLandscaping

lawn aeration from Rasevic Landscaping, Bethesda MD

It seems like a normal enough day sitting in your backyard enjoying a nice cold beverage after a long day at the office when your neighbor walks out. He throws you a wave and you notice the spear looking object in his hand. Curiosity aroused, you watch as he begins stabbing at the yard with the two pronged spear. Well, … Read More