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Do I need a Landscape Renovation?

Just like clothing and fashion, there are landscape design trends that come and go. Landscaping renovation can do wonders for a yard and curb appeal. Whether you are replacing your plants with new colors and correctly sized bushes, or adding dramatic landscape lighting, or creating an outdoor living space that will be the envy of all, there are some things to keep in mind. Investing in landscaping renovation projects shouldn’t be a scary thought or a painful expense. Instead, it can be a lot of fun, as you know how the environment and your initial landscaping designs worked out, so you’re armed with that experience that can help you create a new and exciting enhancement to your outdoor living!

What are some benefits of renovating your landscape?

In the Mid-Atlantic region we experience four unique seasons of weather that can often be extreme. In the cold, harsh winters many companies use professional snow & ice management services and in the hot summer months, some construction sites and dirt fields and roads receive dust control services. When Rasevic companies isn’t providing those services, we are focusing landscaping services instead. Whether it’s landscape design, landscaping maintenance, or landscape lighting, we can help. And landscape renovation might be all of those services and more! Regardless of who you choose for your next project, you’ll want a company that is creative, professional and priced right.

An excellent landscaping renovation project can help to bring back life to certain areas or places that have been abandoned on your property that could use that facelift. Getting a landscape services contractor for government facilities or municipalities can go beyond just one specific area and cover the entire town or city. That’s a lot of landscaping maintenance services alone right there, so choose your contractor wisely!

Renovating your landscaping will add tremendous curb appeal to a property. That goes without saying. However, it can also have very functional and practical benefits like helping with drainage, adding shade or privacy, hiding unsightly utilities or neighbors, reduce maintenance expenses, and more. In addition, new products and technology in landscaping are released every year. Many great options can help improve landscaping and accomplish the goals of the property owner or manager. For example, replacing a gazebo in the municipal park with a more weather resistant one or installing energy-efficient lighting in the landscape lighting portion, every time there’s a landscaping renovation, it is another opportunity to improve some aspect of the property.

What is Landscaping Renovation?

Landscaping renovation services can be based on an existing design that needs an addition or enhancement, or it can include a complete removal of the existing landscaping and starting over from scratch. Much depends on the goals and budget for the project and no two projects are alike.

The first step that goes into any landscaping renovation project is reviewing the space and goals. Examining the space involves more than measuring. It’s important to explore soil conditions, drainage, hardscapes, etc. Are there any elements of the existing landscape design that are to remain or relocate? Are there any trouble spots where there isn’t enough sun or erosion has become an issue. There are a lot of questions that a professional landscaping company will ask as they examine a property.

Next, what is the goal of the landscape renovation project? Are you fixing a drainage issue or something practical like that, or are you adding a space to relax, entertain or dine? There are a number of different reasons someone may want to renovate their property’s landscaping. Consider the effects of all four seasons of weather when determining the goals so you are prepared for everything. Narrowing down the goal(s) from the start will help a professional landscaper stay on task and on time.

Consider future costs as well. There is the initial expense of landscape renovation, but then the ongoing expense of keeping it looking as good as possible. For example, if you requested extensive landscape lighting there is an ongoing cost of maintenance and electricity. If you requested annual flowers, you may have the expense of replacing those one or more times per year to keep the color in your gardens looking fantastic. Another consideration is using mulch versus landscaping stones. Stones cost more initially, but they don’t need replacing annually like mulch so the ongoing maintenance cost can make mulch more expensive overall.

Another reason to start a landscape renovation project might be due to safety concerns. For example, cracks on walkways are a serious tripping hazard. Old stone walls might be at risk of caving in and hurting someone. Another example is older hardscapes might not be ADA compliant for people with disabilities so an update might be needed to make it safer and compliant with ADA regulations.

A good service provider of landscape services for commercial businesses will always check this first and help reduce the risk of liability exposure if something goes wrong. This can be the same service provider of landscape services for government facilities, industrial companies, and manufacturing companies.

Both industrial and manufacturing companies require good landscaping services and probably landscaping renovation services more often due to the heavy-duty nature of their business. There’s no need because of the work being done that they cannot have a pleasant and functional landscape design they can provide for their employees.

Then it’s down to the aesthetics. Is the landscape design looking shabbier than usual? Can the current foliage handle the current extreme weather situations in the mid-Atlantic? Or is it time to put more robust and strategically placed flora even to offer some additional protection against the weather? You can protect this from the glaring hot summer sun or those crazy snowstorms that always seem to come out of nowhere.

Regardless, consider that landscaping renovation services, no matter how big or small, are also going to include a quick audit of how the current landscaping is doing. This strategy helps find minor issues and prevent them from becoming more significant issues that landscaping maintenance services won’t be able to handle. Then it’ll go from a landscaping renovation project to taking major repairs and fixing up the place first before any type of landscaping can happen there again.

The timeframe that is necessary for each landscaping renovation project depends on several factors. Part of it is how well the initial landscape design was and how frequent and complete were the landscaping maintenance services. Another issue is the nature of the business or the residential area that has the landscaping – is that property available to access anytime, or is access limited? Then, of course, the unpredictable weather conditions will affect timing as well. These days, a large issue can be the limited supply of some materials and even labor. Countless projects are slowed down in recent years due to delays in product shipments and a smaller labor pool. But perhaps the biggest factor in the timeline for a landscaping reno project is the magnitude of the project itself.

If you have a project in mind and your property is in the Mid-Atlantic region, please don’t hesitate to ask us for our experience and input. Just contact Rasevic’s team anytime!