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Rasevic can provide you free recommendations for your landscape lighting as part of our outdoor and landscape lighting services.  Why would you want our help? We have the experience to balance some key factors to give you the best results.

  • You need enough light to enjoy your yard in the evening and night.
  • You want light that enhances the beauty of your property without looking utilitarian. After all, your backyard is not the local baseball diamond.
  • You want to balance having enough light to see in your favorite spots without adding so much light that you spoil the natural quiet and calm from the dimmer evening hours.
  • In certain areas, you will want enough light for safety without creating light pollution and without giving your neighbor a reason to complain about you (translation, no flood lights pointed at the neighbor’s windows).
  • You want lighting that feels natural for your house, landscaping, and structures. Good lighting will increase curb appeal for your property while poor lighting will shout for attention and stick out like a sore thumb.

It only takes a little more planning to make landscape lighting add to the beauty of your home.  We won’t just give your yard “shopping mall parking lot” lighting.  We want you to feel like the lighting allows your yard to become an enjoyable extension of your current landscaping, allowing you to appreciate your property at night as much as you enjoy it during the day.

The sad thing is, poor lighting can cost you as much as great lighting if you hire the wrong people to style and install your outdoor lighting.  We can give you something better.  The secret in outdoor lighting service is in proper planning for your lighting more than it is in the fixtures themselves.

Why Rasevic for Your Landscape Lighting

The Rasevic team is broader than most landscape lighting installers. We have full time landscapers, full-time designers and decorators, and full time luxury home builders all under the same roof.  We bring together all of the talents you need to ensure you have the best outdoor landscape lighting.  When we service your needs, you will find continuous harmony between your interior home lighting, the exterior lighting on your house and other structures, along with all of your landscape lighting.

The average landscaper may install nice exterior lighting, but they may keep only the landscaping in mind. This lack of planning can create discontinuity with the rest of your property.  If you go through the trouble of adding landscape lighting, doesn’t it make sense that the lighting should feel natural to both your property and your house?


Let Rasevic Make Your Landscape Lighting an Extension of your Home

We know the ideal situation is when you look outside your back-patio door feeling as if outside is like the next room of your house, inviting you to relax in the cool evening breeze after a long day.  In the evening, you want to appreciate your gardens as much as you did during the daytime.  Utility lights are harsh and can wash out your gardens’ beauties.  Carefully added lighting draws out the beauty hidden in the daytime.

Quality lighting will also be less noticeable during the daytime.  Nothing can spoil a beautiful patch of flowers like a steel pole with a flood light sticking up out of the middle.  With the selection of light fixtures nowadays, there is really no reason you need to have a distracting light fixture in your garden.

Ready for a Free Landscape Lighting Consultation?

We are in Bethesda, Maryland, so if you are interested in outdoor lighting in the Washington D.C. area or the Greater Baltimore Area, please call us for a free consultation regarding your landscape lighting.  We are always happy to give you our input free of charge because we know you deserve a landscape that is as inviting, useful, and safe during the night as it is during the day.  Give us a call today!

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