What to Watch for in a Montgomery County Snow Removal Contract

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Trusting your Montgomery County and Washington DC area snow removal services to a professional keeps you from devoting your own resources to dealing with the snow and ice. But just like any other service, make sure you have a snow removal contract in writing so there are no surprises down the road. Here are some things to consider and watch for in a Montgomery County Snow Removal contract.

“A written snow removal contract, signed by both parties, is the best way to ensure that each party is aware of its obligations. This in turn protects both the contractor and the property manager and helps to define the relationship in clear and concise terms.”Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA)

Note the important points here and feel free to contact us with questions:

A Snow Removal Contract Protects Both Parties

Both property managers and snow removal companies are protected from lawsuits with a detailed snow removal contract. This happens by defining the obligations of each party and by outlining the relationship between vendor and customer clearly. Signing a mutually agreed-upon contract prevents potential lawsuits.

What Should Be Included?

Consider every detail of your snow removal services when talking with a contractor. Your vendor should be willing to answer your questions and discuss these topics with you:

  • What is the timing of service and what service level are you agreeing to?
  • What is the price for this level of service? Should you pay for a higher level of service even though no one is certain how much snow will fall in any given winter?
  • How is communication handled and how frequently will you hear from the snow removal company?
  • Is the snow removal contractor certified? How are the employees trained?
  • What happens if property damage occurs?
  • What if someone files a slip and fall lawsuit? Who’s liable or how is it defended?

Clearly Define the Exact Services Being Performed

Be clear on the services you are receiving. If your agreement calls for snow plowing, the snow will be plowed, but it will remain on your property. If you need it removed, you are talking about snow relocation and hauling. Do you require ice management and deicing? You do if you are concerned about slippery conditions even after plowing or if there is freezing rain. Will sidewalks and walkways be shoveled too? Make sure you cover every detail in your contract.

Rasevic Snow Services, Inc. can provide all of these services and more. We’ll be happy to look at your property and discuss recommended levels of service and pricing with you. We are in the risk management business. We prepare for the worst so that you are covered no matter what weather conditions we see in Montgomery County and greater Washington DC. Contact us to talk about your winter 2017 snow removal plan.

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