What Are “Woodchucks” in Bethesda? Not What You Think!

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Opening Door - how to hire no scams

Springtime is coming, and it is a beautiful season in Bethesda and Washington DC. Unfortunately, it is also the season when landscaping, garden maintenance, and home repair scams come into full bloom. In order to avoid being the victim of “woodchucks,” here are some things you should know. What’s a Woodchuck? Landscaping, garden maintenance, and home repair scams are not … Read More

Snow Removal Services: Finding Best Commercial Snow Removal Companies

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snow removal services - Rasevic, Bethesda, MD

Winter 2016-2017 is here! And hold on to your hats, because it’s really going to kick into gear this weekend. It’s not even officially Winter yet, but we’re going to get hit with PILES of snow and frigid temps in the Washington DC and Bethesda, MD area. Hopefully you’ve been ready for quite some time now, but just in case … Read More

What to Watch for in a Montgomery County Snow Removal Contract

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Montgomery County snow removal - Maryland

Trusting your Montgomery County and Washington DC area snow removal services to a professional keeps you from devoting your own resources to dealing with the snow and ice. But just like any other service, make sure you have a snow removal contract in writing so there are no surprises down the road. Here are some things to consider and watch for … Read More

Attention Homeowners: How to Avoid Scams & Scammers

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When we really start to think about it, it’s a sad world we live in today. The internet has opened up a world of opportunity for businesses and homeowners seeking ideas. But unfortunately it has also opened the door to scammers and thieves. We like to do our part to educate business leaders and homeowners. Usually that education just includes … Read More

How To Choose a Home Builder: List of Questions to Ask Builder

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checklist of questions to choose a home builder

Building a custom luxury home has its demands. This is true, also for home renovation in the Bethesda, and greater Washington DC area, where historic homes require exquisite attention to detail. The process is often fraught with issues, particularly concerning communication. However, the top builders in Bethesda and the greater DC area know that communication is key to meeting every … Read More

What to Consider When Hiring MD & Washington DC Snow Removal

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snow removal equipment, dump truck, skid loader - Rasevic Snow Services MD

Hiring truly reliable Maryland and Washington DC snow removal services requires a bit of planning ahead and other considerations. This is especially true when looking for a professional snow and ice management company to service your commercial or industrial business. Let’s explore some tips: Assess Your Property for Snow Removal Identifying potential liabilities inherent in snow and ice removal at a given property … Read More

How To Choose The Best Home Builder in Maryland or DC

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dream home by Rasevic Construction in Bethesda, MD

When you decide that you want to look for a dream home builder in Maryland or Washington DC, you’re making a big decision and entrusting people you barely know with your life’s savings. Building a luxury home is not only an investment, but it also requires thoughtful organization, planning, and execution. So the first step on this journey is to choose the best home builder for … Read More

How to Hire the Best Snow Removal Service in MD & Washington DC

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This time of the year, you probably don’t have winter on the mind. But with it barely being behind us, it’s a great time to reflect on how your snow removal services went while it’s fresh in your mind. If you own a business in Washington DC or Maryland, snow removal can have a big impact on your success 4-6 … Read More