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When do you know your next landscaping project will not just be landscaping maintenance but a complete landscaping renovation? It’s hard to figure it out because there are a lot of different moving components, and that wear and tear could be a quick landscaping maintenance fix versus a complete landscaping renovation. So let’s review some of the instances when you’ll need to get landscaping renovation services.

Extreme winters can lead to landscape renovation needs

You can have landscaping renovation services completed throughout the year, but it’s always a good idea to start looking at this after the wintertime. After all the snow & ice management, snow plowing, and snow removal services you did to keep the areas safe, it could take a toll on all aspects of your landscaping.

As a service provider of landscape services for commercial businesses and government facilities, we often notice that those facilities can some damage to the landscaping and lawns, so it’s always a good idea to evaluate the extent of the damage.

Hardscapes like stone and walkways might have degraded with excessive rock salt usage mixed with the snow melting and reforming into ice. Or they might be damaged from snow plows hitting them. In addition, the soil could have been damaged if your service provider used ice melt.

Even the landscape lighting might have been affected depending on the amount of snowfall and extreme weather that occurred in the mid-Atlantic region. This might mean that simple snow maintenance services of replacing some shrubs and benches may not be enough.

As a service provider of landscape services for even municipalities, mainly landscaping renovation services, we always would recommend the landscaping renovation over landscaping maintenance in this case.

With landscaping maintenance, you might find not all the issues or problems, and you might have to get constant servicing done, which will start to be more costly in the long run than a fresh landscaping renovation.

It’s been a while since the last landscaping renovation

It may be time for a fresh new landscaping service project if it’s been at least five to ten years since you planted anything or added hardscapes. There are factors that might make you need it sooner or later than that time period such as your goals, the weather, the usage, and the quality of the work, and more. If you’ve noticed that your landscaping looks a bit drab, dying or overgrown, it would be a good time to consider landscaping renovation services. This is most certainly the case if you have a regular landscaping maintenance service schedule and the whole setup looks worn down.

Styles change in landscaping design just like on the inside and outside of your home itself. Bushes planted in the 80’s aren’t the same bushes that we plant today, so you can update your property by following the newer design trends in landscaping as well.

The amount of meticulous maintenance given to landscapes can influence when a renovation project is needed as well. No matter how much care and attention you give to your landscaping, some plants will look thin and overgrown in time. At some point, it may make more sense to replace the entire garden than to piece meal new plants in as they die or grow thin.

Let’s not forget new innovations in flowers as hybrid varieties are developed. There are some exciting and new varieties of plants that are just plain fun to add to a bland garden or property! Instead of beauty, some new plant variations offer more resilient flora to stand up against the brutal winter weather, or harsh soil conditions, or they provide the opportunity for more sustainable landscaping options.

This is inclusive of landscape lighting, which continues to be much more energy-efficient and sustainable, enabling cost reductions and protecting our planet. Adding new landscaping lighting is a very common renovation in the Mid-Atlantic region and around the country. Landscape lighting can add a dramatic look to just about any property at night. It also helps give an added layer of security to a property.

If you have pest issues in landscaping

If you start getting pests and other fauna coming into your landscaping area, that could also be a sign to consider landscaping renovation services. There might be something with the landscape design, plant choice or the placement of existing deterrents and walls that don’t do enough to keep out the undesirable guests.

Having the local wildlife coming in at will can be a safety issue, as well as expand the rate of deterioration on the existing landscaping. They’ll go in and break up the plants and trees and destroy the other parts of the landscape area without thinking twice.

If you find yourself in an area where you are blessed with an abundance of wildlife, but they are destroying your gardens and lawn, it might be time for a landscaping renovation project. Professional designers can recommend plants that are of no interest to pests and also plants that will actually deter animals if that’s your desire.

Just looking for a fresh look?

Sometimes people simply want a new fresh look. Perhaps everything is working properly with the landscaping, and maintenance services are done, but you’ve purchased that property and you just have different taste. Maybe you’re in the government and are looking for a new service provider of landscape services for municipalities and need to just give a different look or an enhanced greener mission throughout the area.

You could simply not like the existing landscaping and feel that it’s a better idea to start from the ground up and to be able to get the landscape design you have in mind. Then a landscaping renovation is exactly the recommendation needed.

Moving forward with landscaping renovation services

When it comes to new landscaping renovations, keep in mind that they don’t have to be expensive or cost-prohibitive. Taking that extra moment to budget in that landscaping renovation, just to get the look and feel right for the area, can bring many different benefits, all geared towards helping the location.

Just make sure, as always, to spend the same amount of time or longer with the landscape design services portion because a landscaping renovation will be a lot more effective that way.

Otherwise, you might rush through the landscaping renovation and realize as you’re mid-renovation that there are different things that you’re looking for in your renovation, and it will become a lot more expensive if not captured. That time invested saves money down the road.

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