What to Consider When Hiring MD & Washington DC Snow Removal

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Hiring truly reliable Maryland and Washington DC snow removal services requires a bit of planning ahead and other considerations. This is especially true when looking for a professional snow and ice management company to service your commercial or industrial business. Let’s explore some tips:

Assess Your Property for Snow Removal

Identifying potential liabilities inherent in snow and ice removal at a given property is an important part of any snow and ice management plan. It helps owners and property managers sure they know exactly what to ask and look for relating to specific snow removal services being offered. A careful assessment of the property by the owner can help eliminate any problems that could arise later during the actual removal process.

This is also a good time to make a plan for preventive measures that can be exercised prior to an ice or snow event. Explore where you may need surface repairs or drainage work, as well as where excessive snow might be best moved for safety purposes. This helps get you on the same page as your professional snow removal company because these are things they should be examining too.

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Explore Which Snow Removal Equipment Will Be Used

Another consideration is the equipment and resources that are necessary to deploy when a storm occurs. Before hiring a commercial company to remove the ice and snow, it is important to understand in advance, what kind of equipment they have. Proper ice and snow removal in a commercial setting calls for heavy-duty equipment beyond a 4×4 truck with a plow. Items such as specialized trucks and hand-push tools, skid-steer loaders and other items must be available to quickly and properly remove the snow.

Ask About Ice Melt Techniques & Supplies

The property owner should find out in advance, whether the snow and ice contractor under consideration has enough salt to last for the entire season. The competent contractor will guarantee the ability to show up on the property as needed, and to stay until the property is safely cleared. One should exercise caution when dealing with a contractor that is unable to guarantee in advance, that ice melting products will be available.

Also, do they offer zero tolerance ice management? It’s important to evaluate if you need a response from your snow removal company after any and every snow or ice event. Then if you need them every single time, make sure they offer zero tolerance ice control services.

Other Considerations

Along with these items, it’s also important to follow these tips when hiring a snow removal company:

  • Are they certified for snow removal? Some guys just own a truck with a plow and try to pass for a snow removal professional. Make sure the team you hire is well trained and certified.
  • Are they fully insured? Make sure you know for how much they are insured and what that covers.
  • Do they have reviews on BBB, Google, Facebook? What is the internet chatter about this company?
  • Do they have a professional website? Sounds funny perhaps, but having an updated and professional website demonstrates attention to detail, pride in workmanship and a long term investment into their company.

Let’s Talk

If you are located in the Bethesda, Maryland area or greater Washington DC, and considering a commercial snow and ice removal service, please contact us to schedule an appointment for a consultation. Rasevic Snow Services, Inc. can deliver the snow and ice management you need to keep your property safe all winter.

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