Bethesda MD Landscaping for Luxury & Local Landscape Trends

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Outdoor Fireplace - Outdoor Living Area

Luxury home building and remodeling is flourishing throughout the Bethesda MD and Washington DC areas. Typical buyers look not only for quality in a build and style of home, but also in curb appeal and landscaping design. Designers of luxury landscaping offer many options, but often, the end product seems very cookie cutter, similar to local neighborhoods or their surrounding … Read More

How To Prepare Your Landscape & Gardens to Thrive in Heat

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thrive in heat with in ground sprinkler lawn irrigation system

The mid-Atlantic states have enjoyed a warm, dry spring in 2016. Along with that, a hotter than average summer is predicted in the Washington, D.C. and Bethesda area, so keeping landscapes hydrated so they thrive in heat will become a top priority. Extended periods dry weather are especially difficult for established plants that don’t normally require supplemental water. Dry heat also turns lawns to … Read More

Going Green in MD? Discover Energy Efficient Landscape Design

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energy efficient landscape design: shaded garden with paver path

Going green and energy efficient home improvements are one of the hottest trends today. Did you know you landscaping design impacts your home’s energy efficiency? Yes, consider an energy efficient landscape design so you can reduce your energy costs and toll on the environment. Your #1 energy usage comes from heating and cooling your home. Effective landscaping design significantly impacts heating in the summer and … Read More

How to Prevent Weeds in Your Flower Beds: Weed Control Tips

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weed in garden

There is nothing that makes a front yard shine better than the colorful look of beautiful flowers arranged neatly in flower beds. Yet keeping these attractive flower beds weed free and looking great can be enormously time consuming if you do it yourself. There are many different weed control strategies available to the gardener in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area when dealing … Read More

How to Apply Lawn Fertilizer in MD & DC For Fantastic Results!

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lawn fertilizer spreader

As the old saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” This applies to your home as well. A less than spectacular lawn will greatly diminish the overall appearance of your otherwise stellar home. Creating and maintaining a pristine lawn can be a daunting task. Knowing when and how to properly cut, water, and fertilize your lawn, … Read More

Curb Appeal: How To Make Your Home Stand Out!

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beautiful house from street with curb appeal

This is the time of year most homeowners begin thinking about their home’s curb appeal and how they can improve it to make their home stand out. Before summer plans blow away lawn and landscaping dreams, let’s take a look at some landscape tips where a little labor or investment can add up to big time curb appeal improvements! Luscious Lawn Care Aside … Read More

Does Professional Landscaping Increase Your Home Value?

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Garden Pond, landscape

Landscaping is a great way to add curb appeal to your home. If you are looking to sell, it’s an important factor in making your house stand out that you may not have considered. But does professional landscaping increase your home value directly? It’s a good question to ask yourself before you begin to work on your landscaping or invest … Read More

How To Get Brilliant, Non-Stop Color In Your Maryland Garden

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Astilbe flowering shrub

Spring is here and the garden beckons. Perhaps you have decided that this is the year you will have the perfect lawn and flowerbeds. Maybe you will add a winding walkway lined with non-stop color and ever-present blossoms in magnificent colors, blooming all summer long. Either way, it helps to know how to get non-stop color in your Maryland garden … Read More

What Are The Benefits of a Healthy Lawn?

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lawn mowed with stripes

If you ask homeowners to list the benefits of a healthy lawn, they will probably just answer that their lawn provides their home natural beauty and a place for their family to hang out. They may not be aware of additional environmental benefits beyond aesthetic appeal. Let’s examine several benefits of a healthy lawn. Healthy Lawns Increase Your Home Value A vibrant … Read More

5 Lawn Care Myths To Stop Believing Now. #3 Will Shock You!

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garden hose watering lawn

A healthy lawn sets off the design of your home and is a beautiful and comfortable place to relax. Providing the best garden maintenance, but misconceptions abound. To a new or inexperienced homeowner, some common practices sound logical – but they are actually garden maintenance myths! Why not cut the lawn very short to slow the growth or throw away … Read More