What to Ask a Quality Home Builder Before Construction

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When working with a quality home builder to plan your new luxury home construction in Bethesda, MD or anywhere really, there are critical decisions to be made about construction while still at the design level. Here are some questions to ask a quality home builder before construction begins so you can ensure having a great experience.

How will my home be air-tight and moisture proof?

  • Air leaking into or out of your home will cost you money on heating and cooling bills.
  • It can also cause condensation to form on walls and surfaces resulting in mold growth and decaying of materials.
  • Moisture proofing starts at the foundation level. Ensure there is proper sloping away from your foundation, proper drainage for rain and groundwater, and use capillary breaks so moisture doesn’t enter your new home.

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How will my new home be safe for my family?

  • Will measures be taken to ensure that your family is protected from toxins such as radon and carbon monoxide? Prevent these deadly gases from seeping in with sub-slab barriers and proper ventilation.
  • Is your builder experienced in green building? Will materials be eco-responsible and free from formaldehyde and other toxins (particle and fiber-board are offenders)? Are paints, glues, caulks, and carpets Green Guard rated? Are paints low- to no- VOC (volatile organic compounds)?
  • Will care be given when selecting and installing moisture control, pest management, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems to minimize dust and pollutants in the air?

How will my home be energy efficient?

  • Will your builder take a whole home approach to energy efficiency?
  • Does your builder provide energy-efficient options and solutions for every area of your new home?
  • Will he provide the best options in windows and doors, heating and cooling, insulation, water heating, lighting, appliances, and electronics?
  • Will your home be eco-friendly with self-sustaining features?

Searching for a quality home builder?

Ask these questions so your builder will be aware of your concerns upfront and able to accommodate your requests. Asking loads of questions also ensures that your new home will be a safe and efficient haven for your family. Contact us if you are searching for a quality home builder in the Bethesda, MD or Washington DC metro area. We are happy to assist you in designing and building your new luxury home!

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