How To Choose a Home Builder: List of Questions to Ask Builder

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Building a custom luxury home has its demands. This is true, also for home renovation in the Bethesda, and greater Washington DC area, where historic homes require exquisite attention to detail. The process is often fraught with issues, particularly concerning communication. However, the top builders in Bethesda and the greater DC area know that communication is key to meeting every … Read More

What to Ask a Quality Home Builder Before Construction

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When working with a quality home builder to plan your new luxury home construction in Bethesda, MD or anywhere really, there are critical decisions to be made about construction while still at the design level. Here are some questions to ask a quality home builder before construction begins so you can ensure having a great experience. How will my home be … Read More

The Ultimate Pre-Construction Checklist for New Home Building

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Building a luxury home can be exhilarating, exciting and completely satisfying with the right customer attitude and qualified builder. To simplify the sometimes overwhelming process of new home building, we’ve prepared the ultimate pre-construction checklist based on our years of experience building custom homes in the Bethesda, Maryland and Washington DC areas. First, have patience. Quality and luxury homes are … Read More