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Fall Gardening - Winter Blooming Camellia

With fall just around the corner, now is the time to prepare your yard for the season change. Create a space that is inviting and welcoming even on those chilly fall nights. Here are a few landscaping service ideas to spruce up your backyard to enjoy the fall weather this season.

Create a Warm Fire Pit for Chilly Fall Nights

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the brisk fall breeze while roasting marshmallows as the sun sets to create a sky full of fall colors? Creating a fire pit space in your backyard allows you to enjoy the season as you watch the leaves change under the light and warmth of your own fire. October is not complete without sharing spooky ghost stories and roasting s’mores, so why not be able to enjoy the fall fun in your own backyard fire pit.

Landscaping Service: Add Cold Resistant Plants

Fall temperatures in the Mid-Atlantic can reach close to freezing, so it is important to make sure the plants in your yard are prepared to withstand these temperatures. If you are looking to add color to your garden all year long with strong and healthy winter-blooming plants, there are many different varieties including the Winter Jasmine and Winter-Blooming Camellia. The Winter Jasmine blooms quite frequently in the DC area, with their yellow flower and green square stems. These flowers are deciduous perennials but are often seen as shrubs in large bunches. The Winter Jasmine blooms in early winter and withstands a variety of growing conditions including full to partial sun and wet to dry soils. The Winter-Blooming Camellia is an evergreen shrub that offers up to a mere 30,000 variations of its beautiful bloom. Planting cold-resistant plants is the perfect landscaping service for those who are looking to add a pop of color to their garden when other flowers are not in bloom.

Evergreens for a Natural and Lively Look

While everyone enjoys the color-changing leaves of the fall, many people like to balance out the colors with natural greenery. You can easily achieve this by adding some extra evergreens to your yard. Green helps keep your yard looking lively and strong during any season. Make sure you choose evergreens that mature to an appropriate size for your yard to ensure they do not take over and drown out the rest of your landscaping.

A Landscaping Service for Color and Protection: Groundcovers

A great way to add more color to your yard is with ground-hugging plants. Not only will these plants prevent weed growth, but they will also create a blanket base to catch all of the beautiful autumn leaves as they fall. Groundcovers can also stabilize slopes in your yard while adding texture and dimension. A great place to start would be with year-round groundcovers such as the flowering thyme, wall germander, or sedums. All of these low-hanging plants will produce flowers, adding an extra pop of color to your garden this fall.

Add a water structure

Another way to spice up your yard for fall is to add a water structure. You could start off with a small bird fountain and create a little outdoor reading nook alongside it to enjoy the birds as they cool off in their new bath. Additionally, you could add a larger decorative fountain to bring peace and serenity to your yard with the refreshing waterfall. For an added bonus, position your fountain near bright and colorful plants so that the water reflects the color all across your yard.

Rasevic Companies has all your landscaping service needs

No matter how you decide to spruce up your yard for Fall, Rasevic Companies is the trusted landscaping service professional for the job. Rasevic has a team of interior designs and landscapers to transform your vision into your backyard. With their years of experience and up-to-date knowledge on the latest landscaping design trends, let Rasevic Companies transform your yard for fall. Fill out the form below to get a custom quote and service recommendation for your next project today.

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