Spring Yard Clean Up: How to Prepare Your Mid-Atlantic Yard for Spring

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Spring Yard Clean Up Mulch

Spring is finally here in the Mid-Atlantic, are you ready to revitalize your yard for the warm weather? Don’t let the spring yard clean up scare you, and instead create the yard of your dreams with these simple landscaping steps. For more advanced landscaping suggestions, check out Rasevic Companies’ premium landscaping design services.

Spring Yard Clean Up: Leftover Winter Debris

Your first step in your spring yard clean up should be removing any debris that has died from the winter, including old leaves, pinecones, grass, or branches. This will make way for new spring growth and refresh your lawn. Go around your yard as soon as possible and pick up any fallen sticks or debris that was left from old snow. Clean up old potted plants that have fallen and make sure to rake the dead leaves away. Remember not to rake the leaves while the grass is wet, as this could damage the grass underneath and require more maintenance. Treat your new, young growth with care.

Fertilize Your Lawn

After the cold winter months, your grass may be looking a little less green than you would like. Fertilizing your grass is a great way to restore some life into it and bring back that bright green healthy grass. Fertilizer provides your grass with nutrients and the strong roots it needs to gain that plush and soft texture your kids and dog love to run around in!

Prepare Your Flower beds

Make sure you remove any weeds so you can make room for new planting and growth. It is important to also cut back any perennials you have so they do not become overgrown. This could lead to them crowding out other plants or growing in directions you do not want. Appropriate pruning is a key step in preparing your yard for spring. Once you have pruned, you can start deep edging your flower beds to create a “frame” around your landscaping. You can use a hand spade or shaper to form a distinct edge between your grass and plant beds. This is necessary to prevent weed growth or grassroots getting into your flowers. Deep edging also creates a clean design and adds to the aesthetic of your yard landscaping to give it a professional look.

Pruning Shrubs

In addition to cutting back your perennials, you should also check on your shrubs. Remove any leaves that have gotten stuck in branches. You should also remove any dead branches to prevent further damage to the shrub. You may need to thin out your shrubs if they have become overgrown. If there are branches or sticks growing towards the center of the plant, these should also be removed to help with the shrub’s health.

Apply New Mulch

Once you have gotten rid of weeds and potentially applied a pre-emergent herbicide as a preventative measure, you should add in a new layer of mulch to your flower beds. This new mulch acts a protective barrier to prevent weed growth and lock in moisture to nourish plants. Fresh mulch also creates a clean look in your yard, and paired with your new green grass, can be the perfect finishing touch to your professional landscaping.

Professional Landscaping and Spring Yard Clean Up with Rasevic Companies

Spring is the perfect time to get your new landscaping design plans rolling! If you are looking to create the yard of your dreams this spring, Rasevic Companies offers premium landscaping services to help you put that dream into reality. Your yard is an extension of your home, so why not invest and create a space you can’t wait to spend time in. Click here to get a quote for your landscaping services with Rasevic Companies today! Your professional landscaping team will follow these steps and more as they prepare your yard for spring!