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Take a deep breath and enjoy the fact that Spring is in the air in the Mid-Atlantic region! While there still may be some bouts of snow and even ice, there is no doubt that those occurrences will lessen in the weeks to come. So it’s time to start thinking about landscaping and how you can get a jump start on helping your property look its best! Whether you have a private residence, a government property, or a commercial or industrial property, these spring landscaping tips can help! If you are located in a region that suffers a long, hard winter like our customers do here in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and the greater Washington D.C. area, keep reading for a complete checklist of spring clean-up tips.

Getting Started with Spring Clean Up

The first step to helping your property look its best this year is to clean up the mess left by the winter snow and ice. This includes things like dead plants and leaves, pinecones, branches and even garbage that may have made its way onto your property. It’s time to pick up all of the debris that was hidden under the snow. This not only makes your property look much better, but it gives space for new growth to appear. Raking out gardens and lawn is a great place to start with your landscaping maintenance. Be gentle so as to not rip up new growth, and focus on removing everything that is brown – brown grass, brown plants, brown branches and brown leaves. Picking up branches and gently fluffing up lawns with a rake makes room for new grass to grow during the spring months. It also helps you evaluate your lawn’s health and see any issues like holes, bumps and dead spots that might need attention up close.

Repair the Lawn

Closely evaluate your lawn – or better yet, hire an experienced professional to do that for you. The key to having a lush, beautiful lawn all summer long starts in the spring. Do you have bare patches or brown spots on your lawn? Heavy snow piles, animals like voles, and dogs can wreak havoc on lawns all winter long. Heavy snow piles that aren’t moved all winter will kill the grass under them. Voles are little rodents that like to burrow under your lawn in the winter, creating holes and dead spots in grass. And dogs often like to urinate or poo in the same spots all winter long (often not far from the door so they can go quick), which kills the grass in those areas. It’s not uncommon to see many brown spots in your lawn if you own a dog.

The good news is that common lawn issues that arise from winter culprits are usually easy to fix up with a little attention. The first place to start is to have your lawn rolled so it’s smooth if you are noticing bumps. There is only a small window of time that rolling is most effective in the spring. Lawns should be soft from rain and moisture, but not TOO soft and once things start to dry out, it may be too late. Get a professional opinion. The next step to preparing your lawn to be as healthy as possible is to have it aerated. Lawn aeration helps your lawn breathe and flourish. It’s especially important after a lawn is rolled because the rolling process flattens everything and makes it difficult for grass to grow through that new, more solid surface.

The next step is to gently rake out grass as mentioned earlier. This removes dead grass and reveals where there are bare patches that need re-seeding. After re-seeding a lawn, it’s vital to cover it with straw and keep it watered correctly. Use a frequency and amount of water that keeps the soil moist without oversaturating the lawn. The actual plan for how much water and when will depend on the soil conditions and the amount of sun the spots get. Again, it is best to contact a professional.

Lawn Fertilizing & Weed Prevention Services

Once your lawn is fully prepped with the steps mentioned earlier, it’s time to start your professional lawn fertilizing and weed prevention services. Lawn fertilizing will restore your healthy grass and give it the nutrients it needs to strengthen roots and help it grow. Fertilizing is key to ensuring that you have a plush, thick lawn all summer long.

Aside from fertilizing your lawn, it’s helpful to get weed prevention services rolling too. Weed prevention services are best when a professional applies them because they know which weeds are prominent at specific times of the year. They also use a variety of weed control products so weeds don’t become resistant to them.

Pruning of Trees & Shrubs

Another spring cleanup item to put on your checklist is the pruning of trees and shrubs. It is time to take a close look at trees and shrubs in the spring before new growth is produced. Proper pruning helps with plant health and growth. It also helps prevent disease and insect infestations. Identify dead or broken branches and remove them – or have them removed by a professional. It’s important to prune dead wood carefully just beyond new buds so you don’t interfere with any of the new growth. If you already pruned your trees and bushes in the fall, you may not need to do this step. Just remember that it’s best to prune when plants are dormant so if you missed this maintenance item in the fall, add it to your spring cleanup list.

Flower Bed Clean Up & Pre-emergent Services

Colorful and clean gardens add instant curb appeal to any property. Pulling weeds out by the roots and removing branches and debris are a great way to clean out your gardens. Then before the weeds start popping up and competing with your flowers, we recommend having a pre-emergent sprayed into your flower beds. This will help keep weeds at a minimum and make your gardens easier to keep up (and less expensive if you have a commercial or government property).

In addition to weed control, remember to cut back any overgrown perennials so they remain healthy and the right size for your gardens. Re-doing the edging on your gardens will also give them a clean and polished look. Don’t let grass creep into your gardens by skipping this step. It really makes a big difference. If you need help, contact a professional with equipment that gets the job done faster and easier than a property owner.

Add New Mulch to Gardens

The last step to spring property clean-up is adding mulch to your gardens. Real estate agents call it “Mulch Magic” because adding mulch instantly makes any property look better! In addition, mulch helps reduce weed growth and it also locks in moisture to help keep your plants from drying out between waterings.

Professional Spring Property Services with Rasevic Companies

Spring is the perfect time to get your property on track for looking its best! If you would like help with spring cleanup or any other landscaping services in the Mid-Atlantic region, Rasevic Companies can help! Just contact our team today for answers to questions or to set up a free consultation.