Montgomery County snow removal - Maryland

North Bethesda Snow Removal is efficiently handled by our Bethesda based team.  Rasevic provides snow removal services for everyone from institutions and municipalities to multi-family residences and businesses.  Started in 1990, we are now one of the most popular snow removal teams in Montgomery County.  We literally have hundreds of team members every winter using the highest training and the latest equipment to economically remove snow and ice fast with the quality you would expect from Rasevic.

We specialize in commercial snow removal and ice management.  That specialization translates into safer properties from slip hazards during the winter.  Yet, you may be surprised to find our rates remain extremely affordable. Make sure you go with someone you can trust for your snow removal and ice management, someone who will keep your property safe for people and your business safe from slip and fall lawsuits.

Commercial Snow Removal Services from Rasevic include:

  • Snow plowing/snow removal services
  • Ice treatment to prevent and remove ice
  • Snow shoveling & snow blowing for sidewalk snow removal
  • Sidewalk and parking lot snow & ice pretreatments
  • Snow relocation & snow hauling when you have limited space to pile snow
  • Advanced technology snow removal tracking and documentation so you always know the status of snow removal on your property
  • Hospital-level 24/7 “zero tolerance” snow removal available when you can’t afford a minute of downtime on your property.

A Tailored Snow Removal Approach

Don’t settle for a one-plow-fits-all solution to snow removal. Professionally managed commercial snow removal services require different approaches to every property. For example, if parking space is limited, you may need snow relocation services to move snow off-site. If smaller areas need deicing, you may need ice melt applied with a drop spreader for accuracy instead of a broadcast spreader. Hiring a company with experience and lots of equipment options helps make sure your property is safe and clear all winter long.

We tailor your quote to what you actually need. Do you need a snow removal company that can provide an always clean, “zero-tolerance” approach to snow removal on your property? Do you need basic service to plow snow when a winter storm hits?  We can handle it all.  At Rasevic, we ensure you get the best pricing we can give you by matching your service level to your needs. Sidewalk and parking lot snow & ice pretreatments