Professional Dust Control Services: Calcium Chloride for Dust Control

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Dirt Parking Lot - needs dust control

Why Do You Need Dust Control?

Having clouds of dust floating around has many negative effects including health risks, reduced visibility, and difficulty breathing. Excess dust can get into the eyes and lungs of nearby people and pose a threat to their safety. Additionally, dust particles can get into the hardware of machinery or even gum up mechanics, leading to malfunctions and damages. Dust can also ruin an outdoor experience, especially for restaurants near a construction site, dirt road or unpaved parking lot. Don’t let dust get in the way, and instead, check out the professional calcium chloride dust control services offered by Rasevic Companies if you are located in the Mid-Atlantic areas of Washington DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Delaware.

Where is Dust Control needed?

Professional dust control is essential for ground surfaces that produce excess dust in unwanted areas. Baseball fields are a great example, as without a form of dust control, players’ performance can be hindered by dust flying in their eyes and blocking their visibility. Another example of a location that could utilize professional dust control is construction sites. The high levels of dust in the air can get into the lungs of workers and cause difficulty breathing. Machinery can also be damaged by dust getting into small open parts. Controlling dust helps prevent these risks. Other places such as large dirt parking lots, unpaved or gravel roads, solar farms, quarries, and new sub-division developments can also benefit from professional dust control services to provide convenience and comfort in one simple application.

What Products are Used for Professional Dust Control Services? Calcium Chloride

The two most popular and effective dust control products are Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride. Both chlorides are hygroscopic salts that absorb moisture from the air to keep loose soil particles trapped in the ground surface, thus effectively minimizing dust production. While these chlorides are similar, Calcium Chloride has a higher concentration of chlorides within the product, making it more effective at lowering dust production. Rasevic Companies utilizes the dust control properties of Calcium Chloride by applying this product to dirt and gravel surfaces. Calcium Chloride keeps the ground damp, and thus dust particles cannot escape into the air. One application of Calcium Chloride can prevent excess dust for weeks to months without requiring an additional application. While there are other dust control methods that may be more affordable, the effectiveness of chloride products makes them the number one tool used by dust control professionals. Other methods include mimicking the dampening effect of chlorides by consistently watering the dust-producing area. This keeps the ground moist and limits dust, however, water dries up quickly and requires many more applications to have the same effect. The cost of watering trucks and manpower would soon add up and become more expensive in the long run. You can also reduce traffic and speed in the area to produce less dust, however, this solution is often not practical for busy roads or construction areas. The best way to minimize the harmful effects of dust is with a professional dust control service and products such as Calcium Chloride.

How to Apply Calcium Chloride Dust Control

Dust control products such as Calcium Chloride are best applied in a sprayer truck. This allows for consistent and even application and ensures there are no leftover dust patches. You can attempt to apply the product manually, however you must take the proper safety precautions, as the chemicals can irritate the skin. Additionally, manual application will take much longer and could result in missed spots and more applications. The most cost-effective way to apply dust control is to let a professional utilize the power of the proper equipment and leave you with a clean and even application.

Let Rasevic Companies Handle your Dust Control with Calcium Chloride

If you are really looking to effectively manage your annoying dust this season, let Rasevic Companies provide professional dust control services to quickly minimize any dust production. Professional dust control chemicals last for extended periods of time, meaning you won’t have to continue to worry about any excess dust. Trust the professionals at Rasevic and get a quote for your next dust control job today!

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