How To Prepare Your Landscape & Gardens to Thrive in Heat

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thrive in heat with in ground sprinkler lawn irrigation system

The mid-Atlantic states have enjoyed a warm, dry spring in 2016. Along with that, a hotter than average summer is predicted in the Washington, D.C. and Bethesda area, so keeping landscapes hydrated so they thrive in heat will become a top priority. Extended periods dry weather are especially difficult for established plants that don’t normally require supplemental water. Dry heat also turns lawns to a crispy shade of brown. So here are some tips on how to prepare your landscape and gardens to thrive in heat.

Choose Plants That Thrive in Heat

It’s tempting to choose plants solely based on their beauty or blooming time, but not every plant does well in the Mid-Atlantic region. Try to Design your landscape to endure drought-like conditions. Include a carefully selected assortment of hardy plants that thrive in our mid-Atlantic climate. By creating a landscape design that incorporates drought-resistant plants and trees means your landscape will remain green and beautiful all summer long.

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Superior Soil and Mulch

Enriched soil that holds moisture is essential for maintaining a green lawn and garden during the heat of summer. Soil that is rich in organic matter provides nutrients and continuous moisture to the roots of your plants. We recommend adding another layer of mulch to your gardens to provide even more protection when a dry, hot summer is predicted. Mulch allows water to soak through to plant roots, but it slows evaporation and helps to keep the soil moist, even in the heat. Mulch also keeps weeds at bay, so your plants won’t be competing for the water and nutrients they need.

Efficient Irrigation

Permanent irrigation systems and drip lines are invaluable during a hot, dry summer. They can run efficiently with the use of timers to provide moisture directly to the roots of your plants. Setting irrigation to run in the early morning allows your plants and lawn to start the day fully hydrated. It also reduces the amount of evaporation that occurs when watering plants during the heat of the day. Professionally installed irrigation ensures that every corner of your property is properly watered to keep your trees and landscape green and healthy all summer.

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