Montgomery County Landscape & Garden Tips for Small Spaces

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small urban garden: Montgomery County landscape

Montgomery County landscape and gardens need to conform to smaller spaces. The average lawn size in Montgomery County is a bit over 2,000 square feet. But the small urban garden is a magical place with the right elements of style and design. A small backyard has the potential to become a room-like sanctuary. And a front or side yard adds style and curb appeal to your home. Your sophisticated contemporary taste or traditional European style shines when incorporated into a garden space that is meaningful for entertaining and relaxation. So here are some Montgomery County landscape and garden tips to help you best utilize your space. For a custom landscape design, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Vertical Landscaping

When working with a small urban space, square footage and soil is a finite resource. Expand the possibilities by planting with a vertical display in mind. Walls and trellises support climbing vines for color and beauty without sacrificing space. Use tall trees that open up into umbrella-like foliage for welcome shade without ground-level bulk. Creative design allows you to reserve plenty of room for seating, plants and water features within your small space.

Creative Hardscapes

The infrastructure you create in your urban garden is as important as the walls inside your home. You can give your small landscape a structured look by creating paths, seating areas, planting beds and retaining walls. Enhancing the structure of your garden is like adding furniture and decor to your home, with colorful perennials, comfortable outdoor seating and art. When your hardscape is carefully planned and beautifully constructed, you will feel right at home in your outdoor space.

Create a Focal Point

All spectacular gardens have a focal point that draws guests in for a closer look. Water features are an elegant focal point in the garden, and the cooling sound of water paired with the ability to drown out urban noise makes it a practical choice as well. Select a grand water feature, or choose a simple, contemporary look based on your individual taste. As a gathering point and a magnet to draw guests to your garden, a water feature is ideal.

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