Does Professional Landscaping Increase Your Home Value?

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Landscaping is a great way to add curb appeal to your home. If you are looking to sell, it’s an important factor in making your house stand out that you may not have considered. But does professional landscaping increase your home value directly? It’s a good question to ask yourself before you begin to work on your landscaping or invest in a professional.

But as you probably guessed, the answer is a resounding YES!

Well known pros like Bob Vila claim good landscaping does increase your home value by up to 20% on average. While the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) puts that number at about 15% on average. Either way, that is a significant amount, especially if you are about to or thinking about selling your property. Landscaping done right will not only make your home look beautiful, but help it stand out to potential buyers and increase your curb appeal.

“I have always heard the number 150 percent. But to me that is conservative.”John Gidding from HGTV

The direct correlation between landscaping and value is nowhere more obvious than on HGTV’s Curb Appeal, a show based on the premise that simply improving your front lawn can help you sell your home. As the show’s host, John Gidding, told the Washington Post last year, “I have always heard the number 150 percent. But to me that is conservative. On a ‘Curb Appeal’ project, I put in $20,000 and the sellers got $200,000 more than they had paid for the house just a year prior. The return was astonishing.”

Landscaping ROI Varies Depending on the Plan

Needless to say, not every landscaping project will net a 1000% return on investment. Putting an exact return on investment on the value of landscaping to your home is difficult, because it depends so much on the quality of the work, originality of the design, materials used, overall results and specific market conditions.

If you don’t have a plan or hire a professional, the work you do may be sloppy, not well organized, or unattractive. You can run the risk of achieving the opposite of your desired wow appeal or no return at all, which is why you should get professional help.

When you do your own landscaping, you may not know what plants to use for continuous color all season, if you should add trees, whether or not to use rocks, mulch or a combination of both, and how much is too much – or too little. You’re also missing out on expert advice on the latest trends and best ideas. A professional, on the other hand, will be able to guide you through ideas that match your budget for the best ROI and overall impact.

To truly want to increase your home’s value, you should seek professional help. If your home or business is in Maryland or the Washington DC region, please consider contacting us at Rasevic Landscape Company.