Landscape Lighting and its Benefits

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Landscape Lighting

Landscaping beauty can sometimes be in the eye of the beholder. Some look at landscaping as something to keep the grass from looking unkempt and overgrown. Others turn their backyard into a zen garden or some form of tropical paradise to form a sanctuary retreat from the hustle and bustle of the day today. If you want ideas and tips to make your property look it’s best, keep reading!

The mid-Atlantic region is a humid climate, which can be perfect for lush landscaping. Whether you’re searching for a service provider for landscaping services for commercial business, government facilities, or spruce-up areas for industrial companies and manufacturing companies, you want to find someone who understands the entire approach to landscape design and landscape lighting like our team has here at Rasevic.

There’s the pathways, the flora, the design to be either straight lines or wavey paths to enjoy a respite from the heat under the trees. Yet what is often forgotten and not discussed is landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is that final piece that goes into landscape design, giving it the right pop to the entire landscaping ecosystem.

What happens if I don’t use any landscape lighting?

That means you can only use the beautiful landscaping during the daytime in most cases. There’s no ample accent lighting in the evening, and if there’s overhead lighting, it’s more of a guide to leave the area and move on. Without landscape lighting, it looks like a dark and overgrown area that doesn’t seem really safe and can feel quite cold and unwelcoming.

You are making an area completely invisible and unusable half of the time and more extended in the winter months. If you want to show off the beauty of your property or handle any landscaping maintenance, it will probably be best only to do it during daytime hours if there’s no landscape lighting or it’s not installed correctly.

Daytime hour landscaping maintenance can get in the way of the business rush and can cause an inconvenience if you have a commercial, governmental or industrial property.

Installing landscape lighting the correct way

The first step is to work with expert landscapers that handle this daily. It’s all about the initial phase with the Landscape Design. The more time spent on this, whether it’s for someone’s front yard or with a service provider for a complex of government facilitates, the lower the overall costs will be.

Also, the layout will be better, and you will need minor landscaping renovation in the future because the landscape lighting won’t need to change.  

Service providers for landscaping incorporate the landscape lighting into the landscape design early on, which will build out areas that can be used in the evening and have the space be useable 24 hours a day. In addition, with proper landscape design, it’s not just about setting up the landscape lighting to work with the landscaping renovation, but it’s also about incorporating it with the entire property.

Whether it’s a residential sector in Baltimore or a manufacturing company in Virginia, the lighting needs to go with the whole property. Otherwise, there’ll be a massive disconnect with the design, and it’ll look like two separate pieces of property.

Safety benefits of landscape lighting

It brightens up dark areas that can seem unsafe and contain unsuspecting people. Besides that, it helps to illuminate the entire region, such as illumination of the pathways when it’s darker so that people can see where they’re stepping and not accidentally trip.

Proper landscape lighting also helps to illuminate the entire area properly. If the area is extensive, such as in commercial business or large parks, appropriate lighting of landscape setup helps guide people where they need to get to.

What not to do with landscape lighting

Although illumination plays an essential role with landscape lighting, there’s a balance to be had with proper landscape design. If you add too much lighting, you’ll overshadow the rest of the landscape design, and it’ll be no different from a typical street with street lamps.

You’ll also add to the light pollution and may remove the ability to just sit in the nighttime sky and soak in the stars. The balance continues with the surrounding areas as well. If your service provider for commercial businesses or federal properties doesn’t see anything surrounding those areas, then there’s no need to keep the balance with the surrounding areas.

If the landscape lighting is in a more residential neighborhood, it’s good to keep the lumens the same as the neighbors, not to drive them crazy.

Either way, good landscape design again is critical here, as that extra planning time always leads to less spent on wasteful or not tasteful lighting. It’s also good working with a service provider such as Rasevic, as the holistic approach to landscaping is understood.

Even with the proper landscape lighting initially installed, it’s essential to keep an overall regime and landscaping maintenance schedule. Doing this will ensure the plant life thrives and the hardscaping is well preserved and maintained.

Yet even with all those efforts, there are times where landscaping renovation needs to happen, even with local municipalities looking to renovate their green space.

That’s another perfect opportunity to remember how critical it is to landscape design to have the correct type of landscape lighting installed every time, whether it’s for the first time after an initial landscaping job or during an extensive landscaping renovation project.

In the end, proper landscaping turns outdoor, unused space into a place where one can enjoy the night sky after a long day at the office or a place for friends and family to enjoy an evening barbeque.

Maybe it’s about having a communal spot for the community with local parks and recreational areas. Without the proper landscape design and especially the landscape lighting, these places will be underutilized or not used at all, and the location could suffer from it.

Take the time and effort to work with the right service provider of landscaping for all property types, whether residential, commercial, government, or industrial. If you are located in the Mid-Atlantic region, we would love to give you a quote. Just contact us today!