Increasing Curb Appeal with Professional Landscaping Services

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If you are a homeowner or property manager, it is very understandable to search for ways to make your property give a better first impression. Increasing your landscape curb appeal is one of the first steps you can take to make your property look polished and lustrous. If you are looking for ideas that can make your Washington DC or Maryland home, business or government property look more welcoming, this article is undoubtedly for you.

Landscaping for better curb appeal is a simple idea to maximize your yard attributes. Besides, it can create a beautiful street-side view that catches the attention of all the passers-by.

Many statistics show how important curb appeal can be for making a property far more appealing to visitors. As they always say, first impressions are everything!

Professional Landscaping Ideas to Increase Your Curb Appeal

In this article, you will find tips regarding transforming your front yard into a scenic space that is cost-efficient and convenient to do so. Therefore, if you are willing to learn about all these exciting ideas that can enhance your landscape curb appeal, this article is the right place for you.

Landscaping with Potted Plants

The front entrance of your house or business is the first thing that your guests will notice while entering. As it happens, the front door often creates a lasting impression on the minds of your visitors. Adding a few potted plants is one of the most suitable ways in which you can make a huge difference in increasing curb appeal.

Suppose you are looking for an impression that will be classic and welcoming. In that case, you can place two flower pots on either side of your front entrance. Ensure that the plants you are putting are easy and convenient to take care of, such as shade-tolerant flowers or small Evergreens of Boxwoods.

Establishing Flower Beds and Borders

A bed of flowers can be an exquisite addition to increasing the property’s curb appeal. You can line up the pathway to the entrance with flowers. Also, you can create a flower border alongside the front exterior of your home. Mixing multiple types of flowers can render a fresh and clean look to your curb. However, if you want to bring a more dynamic look to your garden, pack the flowers closely with different variations.

Outdoor Lighting for Nighttime Curb Appeal

Landscape lighting is a fantastic technique to enhance the nighttime curb appeal of your property. There are many ways you can place the lighting that will give your home a creative look. For instance, you can position several lights with different angles that will shed light on objects such as plants, statues, or topiary that you wish to illuminate.

You can also stagger the lights and place them in ways that will shine on the way to the entrance of your home. Besides, choosing lights that will dispel a warmer tone is vital to preserving an aesthetic vibe to your landscape. Last but not least, using a few small accent lights is helpful to light up the dark corners of your yard.

Solar Outdoor Lighting for Nighttime Curb Appeal

If you wish to save yourself the trouble of wires, solar outdoor lighting could be a great option. All you have to do is put the solar lights along the pathway or in flower beds so that they can draw energy while the sun is up. There are many creative ways to increase the nighttime curb appeal using solar lighting.

Adding Fresh Mulch Around Shrubs and Flower Beds

Using fresh mulch is another inexpensive and efficient way of enhancing the curb appeal landscaping of your home. There’s a reason real estate agents call it “Mulch Magic” when fresh mulch is added to gardens. In addition to beautifying your property instantly, mulch is a very effective technique to thwart the growth of weeds. Besides, mulch is also effective at retaining the moisture for the plants.

It is important to note that mulch loses its appeal and color with time. Therefore, old mulch can hurt the appearance of your landscape curb appeal. Ensure that you keep changing and replacing as much old mulch as possible to preserve your curb appeal. In general, it’s best to add new mulch once a year.

● Pruning the Shrubs

Regularly pruning the shrubs can significantly boost your curb appeal (and it also keeps your plants more healthy). If you wish to keep your front yard always prim and proper, remove the dead, damaged, and weak stems every now and then. Furthermore, always watch for suckers that are often responsible for your plants’ malnourishment.

In addition to this, keeping all the shrubs pruned to the same level is essential to retain a uniform look. In general, keeping the shrubs around waist-high is ideal for the appearance of your landscape curb appeal.

Adding Short Plants and Ground Cover

If you want to bring a diversified look to your landscape, you can opt for some shorter-sized plants that complement the regular-size ones in the forefront of your gardens. Ground cover is another attractive option, as it can help you cover the grounds where it is difficult to grow plants.

Such plants generally require little to no maintenance, and they are a great addition to enhance your landscape curb appeal.

Incorporating a Pathway

Installing a meandering pathway is a beautiful way of increasing curb appeal. While incorporating a path can prove to be a bit expensive, it is an enduring investment that will continue to boost the curb appeal for a long time to come. Especially these days when it is popular to have unique areas where people can “get away from it all” or exercise outside.

Fertilizing the Grass

Thick and lustrous grass is a vital part of increasing the curb appeal of your property. Following a few steps regularly can do wonders for the health of your grass. Watering the grass periodically and fertilizing the grass every fall is vital to growing lush and green grass in your front yard. If you have dead spots, disease or insect damage in your lawn, contact a professional to get it repaired quickly. Those issues rarely go away on their own.

Do You Want a Professional Hand with Your Landscaping?

Bringing all the improvements at once to increase your landscape curb appeal can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Therefore, it is convenient to seek a professional’s advice and hand to help you attain the landscape appeal you wish for.

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There are various ways to enhance the landscape curb appeal for a home owner or property manager. Therefore, it is essential to think through the seasons we get in the Mid-Atlantic so that your landscape looks appealing all through the year. Try to bring a mixture of structural elements alongside trees and shrubs, so your curb sustains the look through all four seasons of the year.

Keep in mind how you see fit to style your landscape can be relative to others. For this reason, it is imperative to be sure of your taste and preference before going through all the required steps to increase your landscape curb appeal.

As always, let us know if we can help!