How to Control Dust with Calcium and Magnesium Chloride Dust Control

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Does your commercial business or municipality have large dust-producing areas that are hindering public enjoyment or access? Is dust ruining the functionality of outdoor spaces? There’s no reason to suffer from dust when you can employ a quick solution such as a chloride dust control product. Read more to learn about how Calcium and Magnesium Chloride dust control can minimize dust production.

How Does Dust Form?

Dust is produced when loose soil and dirt particles escape from the ground surface and fly into the air. Excessive dust production is most common from dirt and gravel roads and large areas. Dust is harmful due to the negative effects it can pose on people’s health, as those who are exposed to large amounts of dust can have difficulty breathing and experience excessive coughing. Additionally, dust can irritate the eyes and lead to reduced visibility, which is especially dangerous for construction workers or anyone operating a vehicle on a dusty road. Dust can also damage property and vehicles, as it gets into small cracks and crevices and leads to structural or mechanical damage. The dangers of dust can be avoided with a simple dust control product: Magnesium Chloride or Calcium Chloride.

What Areas Need to be Treated for Dust?

Any unpaved road surface is likely to produce dust, especially if it receives a lot of traffic. Some of the most common areas that are affected by dust include baseball fields, construction sites, dirt parking lots, solar farms, quarries, and gravel roads. If your business or town has any land with large stretches of dirt or gravel, you should strongly consider a dust control solution.

How to Treat Dust: Calcium and Magnesium Chloride Dust Control

The most effective way to control dust is by hiring a professional dust control crew such as Rasevic Companies. A professional crew will be able to understand the needs of your dusty area and utilize the best products and equipment to give you long-lasting results. In order to treat excessive dust, professional dust control companies apply either Calcium Chloride or Magnesium Chloride products to the affected area. The products are similar in nature in that they both effectively minimize dust production, however, they also have slight differences in chemical makeup.

Calcium Chloride for Dust Control

Calcium Chloride is a hygroscopic salt that is able to absorb moisture from the air and use it to keep the ground surface damp. When a dirt or gravel road is damp, this prevents loose soil and dirt particles from escaping and flying into the air as dust. Calcium Chloride products contain between 83-87% chloride concentration, meaning they are the strongest and most concentrated dust control product. This allows for less product to be applied in order to receive effective results. While Calcium Chloride can keep dust-producing areas damp for longer, it can also have negative effects on surrounding plant and animal life. It is not an eco-friendly way to minimize dust production, so if your area receives a lot of animal traffic or is located next to vegetation, a professional dust control crew may not choose to apply this product.

Magnesium Chloride for Dust Control

Magnesium Chloride is another type of hygroscopic salt that also absorbs moisture from the air to keep the surface of dirt or unpaved roads damp and minimize dust production. Magnesium Chloride is slightly less concentrated compared to Calcium Chloride, meaning more product is required to achieve the same results for the same period of time. However, the lower chloride concentration makes this product the more environmentally friendly option, as it is less toxic to both humans and animals. A ground surface treated with Magnesium Chloride is still safe for dogs and other wildlife to walk across. A professional dust control company may choose to utilize this product if the area you need to be treated is in a more public location with lots of plants and animals around.

How to Apply Dust Control Products

Dust control products are best applied with professional equipment such as sprayer trucks or handheld spreaders. This equipment is utilized to ensure a clean and even application, as too much product in one area and not enough in another will still result in unwanted dust production. Sprayer trucks are used for larger areas such as dirt parking lots, quarries, or roads, and handheld spreaders are used to treat tight corners and smaller surface areas. Calcium Chloride especially can be irritating to the skin, so a manual application of these chloride products is not recommended. Trucks and equipment get the job done quickly without wasting product and ultimately saving you money.

Can I Treat Dust Myself?

While you can certainly purchase both Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride dust control products, treating your dirt or gravel road do-it-yourself style will ultimately end up being more expensive and take more time. These products must be applied carefully in order to minimize waste and potential dangers from skin contact, so if you are not trained and don’t have the proper equipment as described above, the application process could pose to be risky and not worth your time. Additionally, you will most likely have leftover product after your treatment, and this requires comprehensive storage in order to utilize the products for multiple seasons. Dust control chloride products are best stored in a climate-controlled facility that does not receive direct sunlight or humidity. Improper storage and exposure to heat or weather could cause a reaction in the product prematurely, making it less effective the next time you try and apply it. While you could invest in your own product, equipment, and storage facility, it will most likely be more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, and instead, you should hire the professionals at Rasevic.

Hire Rasevic to Treat your Dust with Calcium and Magnesium Chloride Dust Control

If you are looking to finally get rid of your annoying dust, look no further, as Rasevic Companies offers complete dust control services to treat your affected area. Get your free quote today and let Rasevic supply your Magnesium Chloride or Calcium Chloride dust control solution!

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