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Commercial snow removal services help businesses maintain the safety of their property during the winter. A commercial snow removal team will help your team by plowing, shoveling, relocating snow and ice to make sure your business can continue running no matter the weather. These services will not only make your business safe to operate during the winter, but they can also help you gain customers, keep your employees happy, and remain accessible to all. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of commercial snow removal services.

Commercial Snow Removal Service Types

Snow Removal

Commercial snow removal companies utilize commercial-grade plows to quickly and efficiently remove snow from parking lots or roadways to allow for safe travels. Smaller areas not reachable by truck are plowed with handheld plows to clear large amounts of snow fast. This equipment is essential to the productivity and success of a commercial snow team.

Snow Relocation

Another service offered by a commercial snow removal company is snow relocation. After the snow is plowed, it sits in large piles on your property until it eventually melts. These piles can hurt a business if they interfere with parking or accessibility, and this can be avoided with snow relocation. A dump truck is used to haul the snow away to a new location for dumping. This simple service can be crucial to a business’s success during the winter.

Ice Management

The last service a business may need is ice management. Icy road conditions can cause accidents and injuries, and this can be avoided with the application of ice melt products such as Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride. These deicers absorb moisture from the air to lower the freezing point of water and melt ice. They are applied after a storm to melt existing ice from the pavement. Both chlorides are available in pellet and flake forms to treat different surface areas. Pellets are mobile upon application, allowing the product to be spread around a large area. Flakes adhere to the surface upon application, creating greater precision for sidewalks and steps. Calcium Chloride is stronger than Magnesium Chloride and requires less product to achieve the same results. Magnesium Chloride, however, is more environmentally friendly. It is safer for plants and animals, which is important if your business receives dog traffic. Dogs can be irritated by other ice melt chemicals, and Magnesium Chloride is the safest option. Ice management is an important commercial snow removal service for a business to maintain safety.

The Benefits of Commercial Snow Removal Services

Bringing in More Customers

Commercial Snow relocation services can help your business bring in more customers by eliminating resistance caused by snow. Snowplows can leave large piles of snow that can take up valuable parking spots. If customers don’t have anywhere to park, they won’t want to enter your business. Additionally, snow piles can melt during the day and refreeze overnight during cold temperatures, causing a dangerous icy condition that could lead to accidents or closures. Removing large snow piles helps eliminate any of these problems. Snow relocation also helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of your business, as discoloring dirty snow piles can turn some customers away. If your business wants to maintain and attract more customers during the winter, commercial snow removal services can help you achieve that.

Maintaining Employee Relationships

Another way commercial snow removal services can help your business is by maintaining your employee relationships with the company. If your business doesn’t hire a professional snow crew and instead asks employees to shovel or clear snow, this could create a lot of tension and discomfort. Employees could also become injured by clearing snow without proper equipment or training, and this would also hurt your business. Commercial snow removal prevents injuries and the annoyance of having to clear the snow yourself.

Maintaining the Accessibility of your Business

A business owner should always want their business to be accessible to all types of employees and customers, and snow can inhibit this accessibility. Snow piles can block entrances, parking spots, or necessary ramps. If you have snow piles blocking important signs, information, or ways to access your business, you could potentially lose customers and create a larger accessibility issue. Commercial snow removal avoids all of these problems.

Preventing Lawsuits

If your business is not safe due to snow and ice, and an employee or customer gets injured, your business could face a potential lawsuit. This lawsuit could harm the reputation of your business as well as the legal ramifications of not providing safe conditions. Don’t leave your business open to potentially being sued, and instead hire a commercial snow removal team to make sure you have a safe environment for all customers and employees.

Commercial Snow Removal Services from Rasevic Companies

If your business would like to benefit by getting more customers, having more time and energy, and being accessible to all, commercial snow removal services from Rasevic Companies are here to help. Rasevic has a team of well-trained and knowledgeable employees ready to help make your business safer during the snow. Fill out the form below to get a free quote on commercial snow removal for your business today!

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