Holiday Decorating Tips with Safety in Mind

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We often see how people run into accidents as they don’t pay enough attention to safety tips while decorating in the holiday season. According to recent studies, more than 15,000 people in the United States encounter injuries with related to holiday decorations. To make sure that you don’t end up with any such trouble, you should be aware of how to ensure your safety as you engage with holiday decorations. Continue to read and we will share a few of the most prominent tips out of them.

  • Christmas trees are not heat-resistant

A real Christmas tree shouldn’t be placed near a fireplace, a heating duct, a radiator, or in a spot where it would obstruct a doorway or be in a busy area. Remember that fake trees, especially those marked “Fire Resistant,” may catch fire as well. You should be extra mindful about the placement of your Christmas tree, so that you will be able to stay away from potential fire hazards that can take place.

  • Hang Decorations with Extra Caution

It is a good idea to keep children and pets safe by hanging unbreakable as well as non-toxic ornaments just on lowest parts of the Christmas tree. Use ribbon or thread instead of metal hooks to avoid choking hazards and injuries. Children and pets are always curious, and they will try to experiment with the decorations that you hang. If you can stick to this tip, you will be able to stay away from unexpected accidents that your kids or pets will have to face.

  • Water your Christmas tree

A dry tree will burn more quickly than one that has been irrigated. Maintain your tree in a container that can carry enough water, and check the water level every day. Give a limb a little pull to see whether any needles break, he advises, to determine if your tree is well hydrated. Once you bring a new Christmas tree home, you will need to pay your attention towards this tip. Then you will be able to minimize the risks that you have to face.

  • Be mindful when you get on the ladder

It is a good idea to use a ladder that extends at least three feet above the working surface or roofline while hanging decorations from your home. If you’re at an elevation, add leg levelers to the ladders and place them on level, solid ground. AA ladder ought to be able to support both your bodyweight and whatever loads you’re carrying.

  • Are Your Lights UL-Certified?

Use only Christmas lights that have passed rigorous safety inspections by Underwriters Lab or another reputable testing organization. The independent testing company’s lights are identified by a holographic UL marking. Lights with a red label may be used both inside and outside, whereas green labels are solely for use inside.

  • Use the correct power outlet

Instead of flames, you want the lights to sparkle! An outlet with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) should be your source of power. If there is an overcurrent, this sort of outlet will cut the circuit. A licensed electrician may permanently install a GFCI outlet outside if you don’t already have one during future holiday seasons. You may also choose to spend less than $20 on a portable outside unit from your neighborhood home shop.

  • Read the labels before you operate decorations

Make sure that you read the labels on lights and other wiring decorations to confirm that the wattage levels are within permissible ranges. You can be overwhelming the circuits if your lights are linked by a maze of extension cables and power strips.

  • Inspect electric lights before you use them

You need to inspect any electric lights and ornaments to check if they have any wear or damage. Frayed or naked wires, cracked sockets, and unsecured connections might all be a shock or fire threat. This is something that you can easily miss out. This is why you should carefully inspect the electric lights. 

  • Avoid Having Your Blowups Blower Away

Your adorable inflatable snowman welcoming neighbors from the front yard may quickly turn into a lethal projectile if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for anchoring it. Whenever it’s windy, if you won’t be home for a while, or when it’s time for bed, he advises turning off the fan blowers.

  • Don’t forget to clan your chimney

Avoid using a filthy chimney to smoke out Santa or any other visitors. Get your fireplace as well as wood stove evaluated yearly and have them cleaned if necessary. There are professional services providers, who can assist you with cleaning the chimney. You should be careful to get the help of such a professional services provider.

  • Avoid becoming too enraged

Never give in to the urge to burn discarded wrapping paper. Wrappings might suddenly catch fire and burn fiercely.

  • Advice for Burning Candles

Candle placement is crucial since flames may reach temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to keep candles away from anything that might catch fire, including curtains, bedding, paper, walls, and other flammable materials. Unless you’re going to be leaving a room, be sure to extinguish the candles, and tell your kids to stay away from them. Try battery-operated LED candles as a safer substitute.

  • Don’t allow wax to build up

To avoid heat destruction to a tabletop or a glass bottle from shattering, extinguish a candle with 2 inches of wax remaining, or a ½ in a container. Use a stable, non-combustible candleholder that won’t topple over and can catch drips.

  • Don’t forget to clean up

To keep children and animals safe, thoroughly clean the area after removing the tree. They warn that objects like broken glass, electrical wires, metal hooks, and pine needles may all hurt people.

Final words

Simply adhere to these tips and proceed with decorating your house this holiday season. Then you as well as all your family members can enjoy the festive spirit, without encountering any accident. IF you’d like to hire a professional holiday decorator to be sure all these tips are followed, contact our team at Rasevic today!