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The busy holiday season is here. The holidays in the Washington DC area are gorgeous, and holiday decorating only adds to the beauty. Whether you are a homeowner or you help with holiday preparations at a business or government facility, it’s hard to find the time and energy to do it all. These days it has become more and more popular to hire a professional holiday decorating service in the Washington DC area to prepare your property for the season instead of doing it on your own. Not only will you save tons of time, but you will be guaranteed gorgeous, professionally designed, and updated holiday décor. In addition, you won’t have to find space to store these items when the season is over. If you like the idea of a pro designing, installing, removing, and storing holiday décor, keep reading to learn more!

Holiday Decorating in Washington DC

When you think about holiday decorating do you think of indoors or outdoors or both? The truth is that in Washington DC as well as the rest of the country, property and business owners decorate both inside and out. Interior and outdoor projects might benefit from the assistance of professional holiday decorators like Rasevic. For instance, interior decorating firms may trim your trees, arrange flowers, set the table, and hang wreaths, lights, and garland. There is no better way to create a warm and inviting feeling in a home or business than to decorate it nicely for the holidays!

Companies providing professional Holiday Decorating Services for exterior Christmas decorating can hang wreaths, arrange rooftop and yard decorations, affix lights to your building and trees, and even automate your displays or connect them with audio-visual elements. They can also decorate for other holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, and more!

Of course, you could look forward to decorating the halls personally if the family has established rituals around hanging the Christmas lights and trimming the tree. Even so, it may be advantageous to hire a specialist to take down and arrange your decorations to storage after the Christmas season is over.

Benefits of Hiring a Holiday Decorating Service

Hiring a holiday decorating service has several benefits. You’ll not only receive a beautiful outcome, but you’ll also have more time to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family. If you are decorating for a business, it’s often even busier as the holidays hit and year-end deadlines approach and people squeeze in vacation days before they expire.

In addition, when you hire a professional holiday decorating service you will stay away from the risks that come along with putt up holiday decorations. The U.S. Product Safety Commission estimates that holiday decorating mishaps account for about 15,000 emergency room visits nationwide (source: cpsc.gov). Whether injuries occur from electrical overloads, faulty ladders, stepping on broken ornaments, or back injuries from carrying heavy storage bins, the risk is high for injury. Not only are immediate injuries high, but fires can easily result in holiday decorating done by people who don’t understand or care about electrical issues. You can avoid this risk by hiring a professional instead! Make sure they are insured, of course.

If you don’t have experience decorating for the holidays, you can be putting yourself in danger by doing it yourself. The following are some typical safety issues associated with decorating for the holidays:

  • Hazards from Non-Electrical Fires

Even while electrical hazards are among the most frequent risks associated with holiday decorating, you might also have fires as a result of holiday lights that are too near to decorations like garlands and ornaments that burn easily. You might endanger your house if you’re not completely certain of your abilities to install holiday lights without these risks. Again, experts know how to prevent these issues and adhere to crucial holiday lighting safety recommendations to keep your home secure.

  • Injury from Falling

Are you hanging your holiday lights on your home as carefully as you can when you climb a ladder or go to the roof? As people attempt to decorate their homes for the holidays, many business and homeowners suffer injuries when they fall from such heights. Children who are attempting to assist their parents run the danger of falling from a ladder as they’re more likely to do so while holding light strands. Do you really wish to spend the holidays recuperating from a catastrophic fall injury or seeing your kid deal with a concussion?

Better ladders as well as other tools are available for professionals who decorate. They can hang the lights more efficiently without placing you in danger since they understand how to safely reach high places at your property.

  • Electricity Risks

There are many wires and power outlets when there are lights.  If you’re not knowledgeable about electrical safety, you can overload your wires and outlets, posing a fire risk. In addition, using the incorrect holiday lights outside poses a fire risk, and hanging holiday lights puts you at risk for electrical shock injuries.

Working with a professional eliminates this danger. In addition to lowering your own risk of electrical shock accidents, professional holiday decoration services are trained to hang and plug in your lights securely and safely. Without having to take excessive risks, you can relax and let the experts perform what they do best.

You can hand over all your holiday decorations to the services provider that you hire. Then you will be able to keep peace of mind and focus on other things. You are not just paying for the service of holiday decorating either. Since they come with all the required tools and decorations needed for decorating your specific property, you don’t have to buy them on your own. As a result, you will even be able to save money by hiring a reliable holiday decorating service out there.

How Much Does Professional Holiday Decorating Services Cost?

The majority of expert decorating services will provide the lights, set them up, take them down, and store them until it’s time to bring them out again the following year. Although prices will vary, the cost of a professional decorating project usually falls between $50 and $250 per hour depending on the project size and difficulty.

Most homes spend between $150 and $400 on DIY lighting installation alone. It’s important to note that professional-grade LED lights often outperform retail-grade lights in terms of lifespan and weather resistance among businesses that provide decorating services.

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If you are located in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and the greater Washington D.C. area of the Mid-Atlantic region our team at Rasevic would be happy to meet face-to-face to discuss professional holiday decorating ideas, pricing and share examples of prior work.

Before hiring a professional holiday decorator, it’s vital to know those things. Find out the company’s pricing policy, such as if they charge by the sq foot or the hour. Finally, be sure that any firm you choose has insurance coverage and worker’s compensation before letting them place holiday lights on your roof.

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