Learn 3 Expert Tips for Planting a Luxurious Lawn: When & How

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You’re looking for that lush, luxurious green lawn that creates neighbor-envy. Who isn’t, right? But how do you get it? When should you plant grass seed and how do you do it? The task may seem daunting. Horror stories from your neighbors about wasted time and money spent on seed have you a little apprehensive. But it really isn’t all that difficult if you have the time and arm yourself with a little knowledge. So here are 3 expert tips for planting a luxurious lawn.

1. Use The Correct Grass Seed for Conditions

Many people don’t realize there are different types of grass for different climates and lighting conditions. And with those different seed types are different times for planting. Cool weather seed like Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue, and Rye is best planted in late fall and early winter. Planting warm weather seed like St Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia in the spring gives it the warmth it needs to survive and thrive.

If you live in a transition zone like we’re located in Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC, your best option is to plant both. Start off with cold climate in the fall and overseed with a warm weather grass seed in the spring.

Also, be sure to consider how much sunlight the seeded area will get and choose the seed based on that too. Some shade-tolerant seeds include: Red Creeping Fescue, Velvet Bentgrass, St. Augustine and Perennial Ryegrass.

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We know the Mid-Atlantic area like the back of our hands. If you are located in Maryland, Washington DC or Virgina and you want more details on seed choice, let us know! We're happy to help!

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2. Prep your Lawn for Seeding

Level out the yard so you don’t have any peaks or valleys. Make sure you remove all debris from the planting area. You don’t want any large stones or sticks that will stop the seeds from getting into the soil. Break up the surface with a rake or rototiller to provide a nice bed for the seed of about 4-6 inches.

The ideal time to fertilize new grass seed is before or while the seed is being sown. In other words, you should fertilize your new lawn the same day you plant the seed to give your grass seed a “head start”. Do not use weed killer, just a good starter fertilizer. Cover the lawn with a light layer of straw to keep the seed in place and prevent erosion.

3. Maintain Your New Grass Seed

You do not want to allow your grass seed to dry out. Watering may need to take place two or three times per day until the seedlings are firmly established and growing well. Once the seed really takes off and is growing at a good pace, you will need to mow it. Your new lawn is still fragile. Raise the deck on the mower and only cut the top third of the blades. This can help the grass continue to thrive and the thick top layer will keep weeds from establishing.

Good luck with your new lawn! If you come across any questions or if you would like a professional to take care of this for you instead, please comment below or contact Rasevic Landscape Company. While DIY grass planting is a low cost solution, sometimes it’s worth it to have the experts make sure it’s done right for a fast growing, luxurious lawn!

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