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A wine aficionado doesn’t settle for a wine rack or a wine refrigerator in their kitchen, they want an entire room that’s dedicated to wine. Adding a wine cellar to your new home design or remodel project truly captures a wine lover’s attention and gives your home a luxuriously unique distinction. When designing a custom wine cellar, here are some considerations to keep in mind:

Wine Cellar Type

Your wine cellar may be for storage only or perhaps you have more space and would like to use it for entertaining as well. Of course, your goals for this room must be considered first so you have the proper design, temperature, storage, counter tops, cabinets, lighting, seating areas, glass storage, and wiring for sound. Our advice is to not think too small. There are many inventive options that can be added to wine cellars even in the smallest of spaces. Ask us in the comment section below!

Wine Rack Style and Quantity

If you have a vision for a custom wine rack, contact us to make that vision a reality. Unique Wine racks can be designed as small or as large as you would like them. Choose from various types of wood or materials in a wide array of different colors, patterns, and finishes. You can choose redwood, mahogany, or walnut, just to name a few. All of these offer amazing beauty and durability. A key element in your wine rack design is how much wine will you collect and how would you like it displayed. For example, do you want the labels to be visible? Do you want to organize wine by individual bottles or in a bin – or both?

Wine Refrigeration

Wine refrigeration is an essential part of your wine cellar, especially if you are a collector of fine wines that you want to preserve for years to come. If your room is for wine storage only and bottles are going to be enjoyed in another room, then the entire room can be kept at a cooler temperature without any appliances. However, if you would like to enjoy your wine in the same room where it is stored, you’ll need a wine refrigeration system. This may be integrated into the walls with glass doors, or free-standing wine refrigerators, depending on your design.


Sometimes the lighting of a room makes all the difference, especially in something as special as a wine cellar. You can use down lights that would appear as spotlights on your wine room ceiling, or for some modern flair you can use LED display lights built right into your wine racks. Lighting can help determine the style and mood of your room so it should be carefully planned.

Walls and Ceiling

A traditional wine cellar usually makes amazing usage out of natural stones and woods. Since natural sunlight isn’t encouraged, you can make the room inviting with dramatic natural features on the walls and ceiling beyond what you would typically do in your home. The sharpest designs we’ve seen include loads of stone and reclaimed or exotic wood on the ceiling instead of just sheet rock.

If you are located in Maryland or the Washington DC area, contact us today to get your new wine cellar started!

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