5 Tips for How to Keep Your Lawn Lush & Disease Free

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Lush Disease-Free Lawn

Imagine spreading out a fresh picnic blanket and enjoying a relaxing afternoon in your backyard on your lush and green healthy grass. If you wouldn’t want your kids rolling around on your grass all day, it may be time to consult a lawn care expert such as Rasevic on how to turn your yellow or patchy lawn into a strong and thick blanket of grass. Read more to find out just how to keep your lawn lush and disease free this spring and summer!

Keep Your Lawn Lush: Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide

It is important to tackle weeds before they start to grow and take over your yard. Applying a pre-emergent herbicide at the beginning of the spring season to target weeds before they start to sprout seeds. There are many different types of pre-emergent herbicides, so understanding your lawn and weed type is important to providing the best treatment. Click here to learn more about pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weed growth.

Keep Your Lawn Lush: Cut Grass to the Ideal Height

As you return to mowing your lawn this spring and summer, make sure you are not cutting your grass too short. While the ideal blade height varies by location, generally it is between 1.5-2.5 inches. If your grass is too short, you could risk weakening it and allowing for excess weed growth. When your grass is a little bit longer, it is stronger and thicker, taking up more space and resources to prevent weeds from sprouting.

Check The pH Levels of Your Soil

Another tip to have your lawn looking lush and healthy this summer is to test the pH level of your soil. If the soil is not an ideal pH, grass will not flourish in your soil. Typically, an ideal soil pH is between 6.0 to 7.2 for grass to grow lush and green. If the soil pH is too acidic, you can treat it with lime. If the soil pH is too basic, you can treat it with iron to make it more neutral. You can purchase a test kit to check yourself, however, it is recommended that you consult a lawn care professional to ensure your soil is treated properly.

Trim Excess Tree Branches

If your yard is full of a lot of large trees, you may want to consider trimming them to make way for the sun to help your grass flourish. Too many trees can block sunlight from grass and stunt its growth. Trimming away excess branches will also improve air circulation and help keep your grass healthy and green.

Add Compost to Revitalize Soil

A great way to refresh your grass is to treat it with compost. Compost contains an abundance of minerals and nutrients that help keep the soil healthy and produce lush green grass. Simply apply compost in a small layer across your lawn to strengthen your soil in order to bring new life and grass to your backyard.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy with Professional Landscaping Services: Rasevic Companies

While you certainly can keep up with your lawn maintenance yourself, for best results you should consider hiring a professional. Lawn care can be very specific to your geographic location, soil type, grass type, and more, so you want to be sure you are getting advice from a professional trained in your specific area. Identifying different variations of plant species and soil types can be difficult and time consuming to the unfamiliar eye, so you will save both money and time by consulting a professional landscaping company such as Rasevic. If you want to have the backyard of your dreams this summer and feel confident laying down on your healthy, lush, green grass, contact Rasevic Companies today to get top quality professional landscaping services.

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