5 End of Summer Landscaping Tips to Refresh your Yard

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Landscaping tips - working in garden

As Summer comes to a close and Fall approaches, don’t forget to begin preparing your yard for the new season as you relax in these remaining warm days. End-of-summer landscaping is crucial to ensure that your yard is prepared for sudden temperatures drops and wild winter storms. Check out this end-of-summer checklist from Rasevic Companies below to maintain your beautiful landscaping.

Clear Dead Debris

Prolong the summer green in your yard by removing all dead and decaying plants and other vegetation. Clear your yard of fallen and dead branches to free up ground space and create a less cluttered look. You should also remove all dead or dying annuals to make way for the new. Beginning your dead leaves clean up now will provide a couple more weeks of beautiful green grass before the Fall season. If you are not sure what plants in your garden can be safely removed, make sure to consult the advice of a professional landscaper, such as Rasevic Companies.

Fertilize and Protect Against Weeds

Fertilizing your grass now will help keep it looking fresh and green into the Fall months. Be sure to rake all dead grass, and if you are really looking to enhance your Fall landscaping, begin an herbicide treatment to kill and prevent future weed growth. Weeds tend to pop up early in Fall, so getting ahead of the growth now will make your Fall landscaping treatment much simpler.

Service your Summer Landscaping Equipment

Another great way to be prepared for Fall is to service your lawnmower. Sharpen blades, inspect the spark plug, and give it an oil change to make sure your lawnmower is ready for the next season. You can also clean and service your shovels and trimmers for any hands-on landscaping you will be doing. If you work with a professional landscaping company such as Rasevic, you can avoid all of the inconvenience and cumbersome work of servicing any equipment, and instead spend the last few weeks of summer relaxing.

Repair Summer Damage

Months of fun summer play may have left your lawn with a few extra potholes. While these are only a sign of a summer well spent, now is the time to repair any lawn damage before the ground freezes over and the risk for your holes to become bigger sets in. You may also see normal wear and tear from pets digging in your garden or knocking over your plants. The end of summer is a great time to secure any planters or outdoor furniture as well before those Fall winds.

Add Late-Blooming Flowers to your Summer Landscaping

If you aren’t quite ready for summer to end, consider planting a few late-bloomers to restore life and color to your yard. By the end of summer, many of your flowers may seem tired and begin to lose color and die. Adding a few fresh flowers such as asters, mums, or coneflowers will be sure to refresh your garden and keep the summer party flowing!

Hire a Summer Landscaping Professional: Rasevic Companies

If you are looking to spend the end of your summer relaxing by the pool instead, call Rasevic Companies to professionally treat and take care of your landscaping so your yard is ready for Fall. Being proactive will ensure that your yard is protected for the temperatures decreases to come in the next couple of weeks. Maybe you are tired of your yard and looking for a change in design this Fall, Rasevic Companies can help with this too! No matter what your landscaping needs are, fill out your form below to receive a free quote on your next landscaping job!

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