4 Things to Keep in Mind with Landscaping Maintenance

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Many who inquire about either snow removal services or landscaping services seem to think this is a one-and-done situation. But, in reality, snow & ice management services and landscaping services are actually really about finding the right type of partner because unless it stops either snowing in the mid-Atlantic area or things stop growing when it’s not snowing, then there’ll always be a need for either of the two. 

Here are four things to keep in mind with landscaping maintenance:

1. Landscaping Maintenance protects your property investment

You’ve already invested a lot of time with landscape design services. Then you spent the past few weeks or months working with us as a service provider of landscape services for your commercial businesses or industrial companies. So it’s done, right?

Everything is planted, the landscaping lighting is installed and turns on at night time, and all the stone walls, walkways, and benches are all set up. So it’s done, and we get past it, right?

Sure, if you want us to be back every year providing you with landscaping renovation services because the area hasn’t been maintained well. Also, landscaping renovations will end up being more costly in the long term because it’ll require a mix of deeper landscaping renovation, removal, and installation of objects more frequently, and it’ll just not be worthwhile in the end.

Landscaping is not only something that helps to keep things looking nice, but it’s really an investment in the property. Whether it’s to deter local wildlife, provide safety at night time, or be aesthetically pleasing for those that need to visit the property or municipality, it takes some time, resources, and effort for a proper landscaping installation.

With landscaping maintenance services, you’ll be able to protect and preserve the investment. The first part of any type of landscaping maintenance is to ensure that all the planets that were installed throughout the landscaped area are thriving. Then, the soil will be checked, fertilizer will be placed, and your lawns and gardens will thrive.

To keep your lawn healthy, besides using fertilizer, having a weekly lawnmower maintenance schedule can help to keep your lawn with that manicured look. That manicured look comes with the added benefit of keeping those bugs away.

Bugs tend to spend their time in higher grass and lawns, so landscaping maintenance services will keep those bugs at bay year-round. You’ll thank yourself with those hot and humid summers by getting that lawn regularly mowed.

2. Be prepared for seasonal changes

When you’re going to enter into the Spring, some additional landscaping maintenance needs to be done. You’ll need to remove the winter debris and clean all the fallen branches and prepare for mulching and the rejuvenation that comes with Spring.

When the weather starts to shift and fall comes around, it’s time to start pruning those trees and handling all the leaf removal that happens. It’s a specialized job that occurs seasonally and will help to maintain that pristine landscaping look and feel. You’ll also want to consider some aeration treatments on your grass areas.

This allows for air and nutrients to penetrate the soil better. It needs to be done consistently and evenly so that the lawns are uniform in nature. You might think this is a cut and dry task, but improper aeration with landscaping maintenance could actually end up damaging the landscaping area.

You’ll also want to use this periodic timeframe as a way to readjust plant beds, possibly replant new flowers and switch out the fertilizer, especially if the plants, trees, and shrubs are still young.

3. Take time to check for less obvious areas in need of maintenance

Unless you’ve installed sprinkler systems in your landscaping area, it’s actually much more efficient to get your lawns, plants, and trees watered manually when the landscaping maintenance services come around. This helps to keep the watering consistent without overwatering or underwatering your plants.

As a service provider of landscape services for commercial businesses and Federal properties, we also help to handle weed management and check the health of your plants everywhere.

Weed control is a big issue as it needs to be handled immediately before it starts to invade the space of the plants that are supposed to be there. If left unchecked, they can also end up breaking into the stone walkways or into the other stone pieces set out, causing unnecessary and costly landscaping repairs.

When it comes to plant health, you want to have them regularly treated with pesticides as they’re growing and checked for any type of invasive fungi. Otherwise, you’ll end up having landscaping removal services happen more often than not, adding an additional cost of purchasing new trees, plants, and flowers and the price to install them properly. Landscaping maintenance services help to ensure that this does not occur.

4. Make spot checks consistently

Landscaping maintenance is a routine service that is about maintaining the quality and aesthetics of your landscaping project. With that said, since we’re consistently on your property doing these landscaping services, we’ll quickly notice if something is off or malfunctioning.

From time to time, we’ll confirm the landscape lighting is working and check to see if there’s any sign of wildlife or pests trying to make their home on your commercial business landscaping, manufacturing company, or government facilities. We’ll not only spot them but also help to eliminate them altogether.

Landscaping maintenance services are not costly either and well worth the investment. They can actually end up being even cheaper when combined with an initial landscape design and implementation or landscaping renovation services since it’s easier for the team to assess what the future maintenance needs and requirements will be.

As always, we never look to be anything but your consistent service provider of both snow removal and landscape services. However, since this needs to happen regardless, looking to us as your snow & ice management service provider in the winter and your landscape service provider year-round will help us familiarize ourselves with your needs, operate more efficiently, and ultimately end up reducing your landscaping maintenance costs.