15 Holiday Decorating Tips from a Professional

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Holiday season is the best time of the year to go the extra mile to decorate your home or business. There is no better time to make your home or business more inviting than the holiday season. That’s why many times hiring a professional holiday decorating service is wise and can save you loads of time! You can enjoy the time you spend with family, friends and co-workers over the holidays and let an artistic team of professional decorators take things to the next level by decorating your home or business. However, if you aren’t quite ready to hire a professional yet, here are some useful tips that you can follow to decorate this holiday season on your own.

Plan ahead

Make a strategy that takes into account the fact that you cannot do everything. To me, the most important aspect of the Christmas season is to have fun. The fun evaporates if I feel unprepared or overextended. Spending time to plan ahead will free up your mind to be more artistic and it will give you more choices if you need to buy decorations before the inventory of merchandise is low.

You can use a Christmas tree in any space

Your living space, office or business, no matter how large or small, can always accommodate some kind of holiday tree or festive accents. You don’t need a huge space to add this timeless holiday accent. You may add a tabletop tree to enliven the room or tuck one in an unnoticed corner.

Holiday Decor promotes coziness

The holidays are the ideal time of year to accentuate feelings of coziness and make a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you are decorating an office, retail business, government facility, or home, there is no harm in making it more welcoming! That goes beyond just typical holiday decorations too. As the temperatures cool, it’s enjoyable to add comfortable blankets and throws to appropriate areas. Burlap accents, wool cushions, fur blankets, and other winter-themed décor help create an inviting mood too.

Place vignettes all throughout the room

We all make huge statements with our trees and mantels, of course, but every once in a while it’s lovely to add cute tiny details in unexpected locations that are sometimes overlooked. Whether you are decorating a kitchen counter, a bathroom vanity, a writing desk, an office lobby, or any small space, gorgeous details like berries and pine cones or various greenery will warm up the room. Adding this little bit of detail might do wonders for communicating your holiday spirit.

Use candles

We all like using holiday lights, but how wonderful is candlelight in its natural form? I love candles a lot, therefore the more the better (although not to the extent of risking a fire!). Utilizing pillars, taper candles, or votives placed across the space, and at various heights changes the lighting in the room and sometimes the aroma too. It’s a superb chance to display your best candlesticks, which enhances the allure of your room’s design.

Use this opportunity to be creative & memorable

We’re all acquainted with the typical holiday iconography, but it can be very lovely to include your own interests in your design to make your home or business seem more like “you.” For many years, I’ve been collecting old teacups, and they look great strung up on my Christmas tree. Check to see if they can incorporate any of your own hobbies or your business’ theme into your holiday décor. You’re doing it well if your tree resembles something that you’ve never encountered in a typical store window!

Keep things looking elegant

Pulling out old items may aid in my love of sparkle and shimmer throughout the holiday season. Gilding, crystal, and silver accents keep everything appearing elegant and premium. Add a few glittery ornaments now and then to increase the shine.

Use fresh flowers

Even though most people prefer fresh flowers, they are sometimes inconvenient in the cold. Many people use fake plants and adorn them with real flowers, but you may also do the opposite, as seen in the image below. For example, using live magnolia leaves combined with synthetic white roses can have a “real touch,” as well as a few scattered dry flowers will make it memorable. You may make an effort to include something new and lively in the mixture at all times.

Use complex patterns

Tartans are without a doubt at the top of my list of designs that make me think of Christmas. I love the red plaid with golden touches. However, you could combine them with something delicate and feminine to make them seem a little more refined. Your plaids will look better with lace borders, florals, animal print, or even tweed, which will also offer character to your festive interiors.

Decide on a color scheme and stick to it

The days of solely using red and green for holiday decorations are long gone. Narrowing down a color feeling is one of the first decisions you should make before starting your seasonal decoration. For example, if your primary color is rose gold, you could sometimes combine pink and gold in some areas and at other times concentrate on a beautiful color of burnished gold. It’s very popular to use white, blues or greens too. Whatever you choose, just stick with it throughout your home or business.

Use lots of flowers to express yourself

Utilizing several types of winter foliage is a traditional holiday decorating technique. Many households exhibit trees, wreaths, garlands, and other holiday décor. Don’t undervalue the impact of a real flower design, however. It takes exceptional to a new level and improves the décor in any room in your house.

Holiday décor does not need to be pricey

When arranged in a group, inexpensive decorations from a budget retailer may seem festive and exquisite. For a magnificent Christmas display, use several sizes of transparent or colored glass bottles filled with ornaments of a similar hue to adorn a fireplace.

Take up wrapping

For something new and creative, use magazines, newspapers, bags, and papers that are intriguing as present wrapping. Since you already own everything, it is effectively free and environmentally beneficial. Use a distinctive ribbon, topper, or accent to make it interesting. If you are really artsy, draw a pattern using markers, pens, or glitter on the paper if you desire to be extra creative.

Engage the whole family

If you have time to do the decorating by yourself, get your family or co-workers to help. Making memories is the big bonus here, and the more engaged everyone is, the more enjoyable and unforgettable this time would be. During the holidays, let the youngsters decorate their rooms whatever they choose. Consider giving each person a little tabletop tree to prune.

Do not pause at the entrance

Decorate your entire home or business for the holidays, not just the main areas or lobby of a business. Simple minor changes in other areas of your home or business, particularly while you’re entertaining, significantly alter how the whole space feels for your guests or customers.

Consider hiring a professional decorating service

If all of this sounds a little overwhelming, but you want to make sure you do things top-notch, consider hiring a company to do professional holiday decorating for you! If you are located in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware or the greater Washington D.C. area of the Mid-Atlantic region, Rasevic Companies can help! Contact us today for a free quote on our holiday decorating services!

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