10 Tips To Prepare Your DC & Bethesda Gardens for Fall

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Bethesda Gardens - Paprika Virag Flower Bed

With the flurry of spring planting over, it’s time to pick up your hoe, wipe your brow, and consider… Fall. Yup, that’s right. Even as the kids are splashing around in the pool and your significant other is grumbling about the heat, you have to face the facts that cooler weather is just around the corner. Summer can’t last forever. Don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of time to take that family vacation. Preparing your DC & Bethesda Gardens for Fall while it’s still July will help you avoid the rush to get everything done before cold weather sets in.

Don’t think of your flowering plants as just a fleeting glimpse of summer’s beauty. A bit of flowerbed housekeeping in your DC & Bethesda gardens during July and into August will prevent your yard from resembling a jungle.

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Follow these 10 tips now to keep flowers blooming until the first frost:

  1. Deadhead flowers to keep them blooming. Also, pluck off any leaves that are yellowing.
  2. When your plants become spindly, prune them to encourage bushy growth.
  3. Fertilizing will help your flowers produce their colorful blooms longer and keep their leaves green and lush.
  4. Avoid the weeding marathon by plucking a handful of weeds each day when the sun is not beating down on you.
  5. Check your plants for insects and diseases. Treat accordingly, but keep in mind that some of the insects you spot will be beneficial to your plants.
  6. Pull out any plants that are dead or dying, replacing them if you can.
  7. Replenish the mulch as needed to retain soil moisture and keep the weeds under control.
  8. Continue to water throughout the season. It is best to thoroughly water the ground rather than spraying the leaves as this will encourage their roots to grow deep.
  9. Stake tall plants that may tip over as they grow.
  10. Take a moment to step back and enjoy the beauty you have created.

A Bonus Tip For Your Bethesda Gardens…

Remember, if your flowering annuals are still thriving at the end of summer, you don’t have to pull them out just because the calendar says it’s Fall.

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