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Lawn care is something every homeowner needs to deal with and hiring someone to take care of your lawn is a common choice. The question is, why do some landscaping companies leave your neighbors’ lawns lush and green while others have lawns that look tired and feeble?

It turns out, there is a lot more to know about lawns than how to start a lawn more and how to follow a fertilization schedule.  For example, proper maintenance of a lawn mower can prevent damage to your grass and help your grass stay healthier.

We can also add our experience in landscaping and home building for a better lawn care experience.  For example, it is natural for us to pay attention to where the grass clippings go since we maintain gardens (often in a bag attached to the lawn mower).  If you don’t plan on where those clippings will go before mowing, you could put a ton of grass clippings in your flower beds or worse, in the pool or fountain!  Yet, we hear about it all the time, a guy paid to just mow lawns lets the clippings get into all the wrong places.

When Rasevic looks at lawn care, it is an extension of our landscaping and home building businesses.  We take care of your lawn being mindful that you want a beautiful property and not just shorter grass.

You can also take comfort in knowing that if you ever need help in your garden or in your home, we have a team skilled in a broad range of categories such as landscaping, interior decorating, renovations, advanced carpentry, and even holiday decorating!

We admit, we are not for everyone.  If you just want your lawn whacked and bruised to a shorter height to avoid complaints from your neighbors, you may find a better choice out there.  If you want someone who cares about your property as much as you do, give us a call, because we would like to help.

A Look at Beautiful Lawns by Rasevic.


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