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Is dust getting in the way of the efficiency of your construction site? Are your construction workers constantly covered in and blinded by dust while trying to do their job? Dust can not only be a hindrance on a construction site, but also a health and safety hazard. Excessive dust production can pose a threat to the productivity of a construction site and compromise equipment performance and worker health. Luckily, Rasevic Companies offers a simple solution to eliminate excessive dust production with professional dust control services and the application of Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride. Read more to learn about dust control for construction sites to keep your construction jobs safe!

How Does Construction Dust Form?

Excessive dust is produced when loose soil and dirt particles escape from the ground surface into the air. This is most common in areas that are unpaved and full of gravel or dirt. Some of the most popular locations that benefit from dust control include construction sites, gravel roads, dirt roads, quarries, baseball fields, solar farms, and unpaved parking lots. Applying dust control products such as Magnesium Chloride or Calcium Chloride can help minimize dust production across all of these dirt-producing areas.

What are the Dangers of Construction Site Dust?

It is necessary to control excessive dust production because exposure can lead to negative consequences. People who come into contact with high volumes of dust can have trouble breathing and experience excessive coughing as dust gets into their lungs. Additionally, dust can cause reduced visibility and irritation to the eyes. This is especially dangerous on construction sites where workers operate heavy machinery and need to be precise in their movements. Reduced visibility is also dangerous on any dirt road, and can lead to motor vehicle accidents. Dust can also penetrate small cracks in equipment, machinery, or even property and lead to structural damages that could need expensive repairs. Dust has many negative consequences that can be easily avoided with the proper professional dust control application of Calcium Chloride or Magnesium Chloride

Dust Control Options for Construction Sites

Calcium Chloride Dust Control

Calcium Chloride is one of the best dust control products due to its hygroscopic properties which allow the product to absorb moisture from the air to keep ground surfaces damp and prevent dust. Keeping the ground damp locks in loose soil and dirt particles, effectively minimizing dust production. Calcium Chloride is the strongest chloride product available due to its higher chloride concentrations. This high concentration allows it to minimize more dust for longer periods of time with just one application. Calcium Chloride dust control products keep the ground damp and free of dust no matter the weather or climate conditions, and they do not evaporate like water.

Magnesium Chloride Dust Control

The other type of chloride dust control product for construction is Magnesium Chloride. Magnesium Chloride is also a hygroscopic salt that keeps the ground surface damp by absorbing moisture from the air. It is very similar to Calcium Chloride, except this product is slightly less concentrated. This lower chloride concentration makes Magnesium Chloride a more environmentally friendly dust control product. In this way, Magnesium Chloride is safer for surrounding plant and animal life. If your dust-producing construction site or other dirt road receives a high volume of animal traffic or is located near a large plant population, Magnesium Chloride is a better option to still minimize your dust while also protecting the health of pets, wild animals, and vegetation.

How to Apply Dust Control for Construction Sites

Dust control chloride products such as Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride are best applied by a professional dust control crew utilizing the proper equipment. Large areas such as construction sites and dirt roads benefit most from an application by sprayer or spreader trucks. This ensures an even and precise application with minimal product waste to help save you time and money. It is not recommended for you to apply these chloride products by yourself, as they can cause skin irritation and an uneven application will not protect your entire location from the consequences of dust.

Alternative Methods of Dust Control

The number one way to control dust on a construction site or any other area is by utilizing a professional application of Calcium Chloride or Magnesium Chloride to keep the ground surface damp for extended periods of time, no matter the weather conditions. If you are unable to access professional dust control services, there are a few temporary solutions you can utilize instead.

Continuously Water the Area

If your construction site does not have access to chloride products, you can continuously water the area to keep the ground damp and suppress dust. This solution does not require additional products, however, you would need to have a large tank truck and crew to keep pumping out water. Water is less effective at minimizing dust compared to chloride products because it evaporates quickly and needs to be replenished, where chloride products last for extended periods of time.

Reduce Vehicle Speed and Traffic

Another way to reduce dust on a construction site is to reduce vehicle traffic and speed. If your construction site has multiple high-powered vehicles driving to opposite ends constantly, this movement will kick up excess dust. One solution is to have vehicles travel slower and reduce their movement as much as possible. The less movement your site has by both people and vehicles, the less dust that will accumulate.

Professional Dust Control for Construction Sites with Rasevic Companies

The best way to minimize dust production on a construction site is with a professional dust control crew such as Rasevic Companies. Rasevic utilizes premium Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride along with their equipment to keep your construction sites safe and free of harmful dust. Fill out the form below to get a free quote on your next dust control service today!

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