How To Buy a New Home When You Have a House to Sell

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It’s nerve-wracking to buy a new home and sell one at the same time in any market, let alone the competitive one we’re experiencing in Washington, D.C.-Bethesda-Baltimore. On one hand, you’ll suspect, rightly, that as a buyer, you’ll be competing with several others for a particular home, and you don’t want your offer to have a sell-existing-home-first contingency. As a … Read More

5 Lawn Care Myths To Stop Believing Now. #3 Will Shock You!

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A healthy lawn sets off the design of your home and is a beautiful and comfortable place to relax. Providing the best garden maintenance, but misconceptions abound. To a new or inexperienced homeowner, some common practices sound logical – but they are actually garden maintenance myths! Why not cut the lawn very short to slow the growth or throw away … Read More

How To Be Awesome With Eco-Friendly Home Construction

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Spring has finally arrived, and with the new season comes the opportunity for some fun home projects and lots of new home construction breaking ground. When looking at all the options for tackling your next update or home construction, consider going green! There are so many new and awesome eco-friendly ideas out there, and we promise they are as beautiful as … Read More

Learn 3 Expert Tips for Planting a Luxurious Lawn: When & How

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You’re looking for that lush, luxurious green lawn that creates neighbor-envy. Who isn’t, right? But how do you get it? When should you plant grass seed and how do you do it? The task may seem daunting. Horror stories from your neighbors about wasted time and money spent on seed have you a little apprehensive. But it really isn’t all … Read More