How Professional Dust Control in Construction Sites Saves Time & Money

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Construction Dust Control

Construction sites are one of the largest dust-producing areas that benefit greatly from professional dust control services. Most construction sites involve working on unpaved, dirt ground surfaces, and these are the biggest culprits of excessive dust production. Controlling dust helps improve worker safety, visibility, and efficiency of the construction process. Read more to learn about why dust control is important and how professional dust control companies such as Rasevic can provide a simple and effective solution.

Why Dust Control in a Construction Site is Necessary

While excessive dust control at a construction site is natural, the negative effects the exposed dust can produce are not. Construction workers and other passersby who come in contact with large amounts of dust can experience harmful symptoms such as excessive coughing and difficultly breathing as their lungs accumulate dust. Additionally, dust can reduce visibility for workers on-site and create potentially dangerous scenarios as these workers operate heavy equipment. Machinery can also experience damage from excessive dust, as the dust can enter small operating parts of equipment and lead to expensive and timely malfunctions. Controlling dust at a construction site not only improves the health and productivity of workers but also saves time and money by preventing any machine failures or poor working conditions.

How to Control Dust in a Construction Site

There are a number of ways to control dust at a construction site, however, the most efficient options are chloride products such as Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride. If you wanted an alternative dust control method for your construction site, it is possible to reduce dust by keeping the ground surface consistently damp. While chloride products create this effect more efficiently, you can utilize a water truck to spray the site and dampen the surface area. This method is more of a short-term solution because it requires continuous upkeep and applications of water to remain effective. The cost of supplying water trucks and workers most likely will end up being more than a simple product application. Additionally, reducing the vehicle traffic and speed in the area can aid in minimizing dust production, however, this may be difficult if the construction site is in active use. Due to the limitations and inefficiency of alternative methods, Magnesium and Calcium Chloride remain the most popular and effective construction site dust control options. These chloride products are very similar, and a professional dust control company will be able to evaluate your construction site and decide which treatment is best to keep your surface area safe and free from excessive amounts of dust.

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride is a hygroscopic salt that minimizes dust production by absorbing moisture from the air to keep the ground surface damp. This process effectively traps loose soil products and prevents them from escaping into the air and creating dust. The hygroscopic properties of Magnesium Chloride allow the product to remain active for longer periods of time, meaning the ground surface of your construction site will remain damp for longer, and thus there will be smaller amounts of dust production. While Magnesium and Calcium Chloride are very similar in nature, the lower concentration of chlorides in Magnesium Chloride means that this product requires slightly more applications to achieve the same effectiveness. With this being said, Magnesium Chloride is the more environmentally friendly chloride product option. It is less irritating to the paws of animals and has less harmful effects on surrounding vegetation.

Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride is another type of hygroscopic salt that can also absorb moisture from the air to minimize dust production by trapping loose soil particles and keeping the ground surface damp. Calcium Chloride has the highest level of chloride concentration, making it the most effective dust control product on the market. It is effective at lowering excessive dust production with the fewest amount of applications and product use. While it is highly effective, the chloride concentration can be more damaging to nearby plant and animal life and should be applied carefully and with the intention to avoid run-off. A professional dust control company will understand the amount of product required to minimize dust while also avoiding waste.

How to Apply Dust Control Products: Consult a Professional

While dust control products Magnesium and Calcium Chloride are available for personal purchase and application, it is not recommended that you attempt to apply these products without the proper equipment and knowledge. Chloride products can irritate the skin, and manual application can be wasteful and end up being more costly than hiring a professional. A professional dust control company such as Rasevic Companies utilizes spraying trucks and handheld spreaders to apply an even and careful layer of chloride products. Both types of equipment ensure that all areas of your ground surface are covered with the product to minimize the potential for loose dust particles. Additionally, a large area such as a construction site can be treated very quickly with a large tank truck. One professional application of a dust control product will keep your construction site free of dust for multiple weeks. This one treatment will allow your workers to be more efficient and get their job done faster without the distractions of dust. A professional application of a chloride dust control product only requires a small window of time, compared to the time it could take you and your workers to apply the products yourself. This method also means that your workers will have more time to dedicate to the construction job instead of wasting time treating dust.

Hire Rasevic for Professional Dust Control in Construction Sites

If you are looking to increase productivity, save time and money, and provide a safer environment for your construction workers, you need to hire Rasevic Companies to professionally treat your construction site. Rasevic utilizes the top quality Magnesium and Calcium Chloride products to minimize dust production at your site for longer periods of time. Fill out the form below to get your free dust control quote and improve the quality of your construction site today!

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