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When hiring a professional snow removal company for government facilities, you want to ensure that the team is well equipped to handle large jobs with special circumstances. A government facility requires extra attention and treatment, and therefore these facilities need to find snow removal companies who have the experience to treat their properties.

Important Qualities of a Snow Removal Crew


The most important quality of a government snow removal company is its degree of professionalism. You want a crew that is well experienced at both their job as well as communicating project timelines and information. A federal government facility contractor should be prepared and able to provide worker background checks and credentials for security purposes. Additionally, a federal government facility contractor should be prepared and able to provide worker background checks and credentials for security purposes. Additionally, a federal government facility contractor should be able to provide all the proper certifications, documents, and pre-award bidding processes. Finding a snow removal company with a high degree of professionalism will ensure all jobs run smoothly.

Equipment and Crew Size

Another factor to consider when hiring a federal government facility snow removal contractor is to make sure the crew has the necessary equipment. Government facilities are usually expansive in size and require the best quality snow plows, dump trucks, 4x4s, and handheld plows to safely remove all snow and ice. If a company does not have a large fleet of trucks, it may take them longer to clear snow which could be more costly and create an inconvenience. This is the same with crew members. It will take a large team to work at a government facility, so make sure your snow removal crew has a quality group of experienced workers to ensure the best results.

Types of Services a Government Facility Requires

Snow Removal

The first service a government facility requires is snow removal. Snow will be removed with the use of plows for larger areas and a combination of shovels and handheld plows for sidewalks, gardens, and other smaller surface areas. Handheld plows play a key role in snow removal, as they speed up the process for smaller areas that trucks can’t access. A team that utilizes this equipment will work much faster and have more energy.

Snow Relocation

After snow removal, snow relocation is a very important step. A government facility typically does not have the space to accommodate large piles of snow, especially during a very snowy winter season. Large snow piles can take up valuable property space and inhibit parking or other activities. Additionally, large snow piles start to accumulate dirt and debris and can become discolored. This reduces aesthetic appeal and can even turn some people away from an establishment full of dirty snow. Large piles also start to melt and refreeze overnight in cold temperatures which can be dangerous and create unsafe conditions. Snow relocation involves loading unwanted snow into a dump truck and relocating it to a more convenient dumping spot. Snow relocation is an essential service for any government facility.

Ice Management

The final service a government facility requires is ice management. Icy roads can be dangerous and cause accidents or pedestrian falls. A professional snow removal company will treat icy roads with either anti-icing or deicing products to ensure safe passage. Anti-icing treatments occur before a storm starts to prepare the roads for ice. Ice is prevented from bonding to the road surface, and this treatment makes snow clean-up much more efficient. Deicing is done after a storm has finished to melt ice that has built up. Treatment is done with either a sprayer truck for larger roads or a handheld spreader for sidewalks and outdoor steps. Roads are coated with either Liquid Brine, Calcium Chloride, or Magnesium Chloride to help prevent and melt ice for multiple storms.

While a government facility may require many of the same services as a residential or commercial business might, government areas require additional attention to detail due to the nature of the job. Additionally, facilities are often much larger and need to carry out essential travel, so ensuring safe road conditions is a top priority that needs to happen quickly after a storm has finished. Hiring a consistent snow removal crew for the entire winter helps to ensure your facility is always protected and road conditions return to safety in a fast and efficient manner.

Government Facility Snow Removal from Rasevic Companies

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