5 Reasons You Should Hire A Snow Plowing Crew This Winter

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If you own or operate a commercial business and live in a region that experiences winter snow, such as Washington D.C., Montgomery County, or Frederick County MD, you need to hire a professional snow plowing company this winter season. Snowstorms can happen suddenly, and you don’t want to find your business unprotected. A professional snow plowing crew saves you time and money, improves the safety and aesthetic of your business, and reduces the risk of any winter weather-related accidents. Read more to learn about the benefits of commercial snow removal and check out Rasevic Companies’ winter weather services.

5 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Snow Plowing Crew

1. Save Time

The biggest reason why your commercial business should hire a professional snow plowing company is that you did not hire your employees to shovel snow. Removing snow from your property without a professional company will take you a lot longer, which will not only waste your own precious time but could also distract from your regular business hours. Shoveling your own snow could cause you to lose out on customers and be more costly than simply hiring a professional crew in the first place. Additionally, your employees most likely do not want to spend their working hours shoveling snow from your business property. If they do not have the proper technique and strength, you could risk an injury on the job. Having one of your employees get injured because you asked them to shovel snow will not reflect well on your business and could even escalate to a lawsuit. Proper and ample snow removal equipment can also become costly and a hassle to store within your business. Save your own time and the time of your employees by hiring a professional snow removal company to get the job done quickly and safely so your business can re-open.

2. Save Money

Hiring a professional snow removal team is not as expensive as many people would think. You can often hire one commercial crew for the entire winter, allowing you to feel secure that your property will always be treated. Not only does this remove stress from sudden major storms, but it also ensures your fee is consistent for each job throughout the winter. Many businesses will also partner together to hire the same snow removal crew for an entire area, often resulting in a discount for convenience. Hiring a professional snow removal company is a necessary business expense if you live in a cold climate and want to protect the safety of your business.

3. Increase the Professional Aesthetic of Your Business

Another reason to hire a professional snow plowing team is because of the skill with which they are able to complete your job. A professional company will utilize the best commercial snow removal equipment to make sure every inch of your parking lot, roadway, and sidewalk are plowed effectively. A professional company will also relocate any snow that does not have ample space to be plowed. This reduces the messy and hazardous snow piles that can accumulate throughout the winter in parking lots. Additionally, a snow removal service will also apply ice prevention products such as Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride to lower the freezing point of water and reduce ice buildup. Icy sidewalks and parking lots can lead to car crashes or pedestrian falls. You don’t want to risk a potential accident or lawsuit, and should instead make ice management a priority. Having a clean parking lot and sidewalk not only reduces the risk of winter weather-related injuries but also looks more aesthetically appealing to potential customers. People would much rather visit the business and park in the parking lot that is clean and free of ice and snow compared to one that has large piles of browning snow. If you attempt to plow your own business property, you may not be able to remove snow from every corner and lose a few parking spots. Unless you have access to professional-grade equipment, it is recommended that you hire a professional team to prevent injury and increase the aesthetic appeal of your business.

4. Increase the Parking Availability for Customers

Along the same lines, having professional snow removal or relocation not only increases the aesthetic appeal of your business, but also makes sure there is a complete range of parking available to customers. So many businesses end up with large piles of snow by the end of the winter because they don’t relocate the snow. A professional company such as Rasevic will make sure your business does not miss out on customers because they can’t find a parking spot, and instead will relocate your parking lot snow to a safer location. As these large piles melt, they can cause flooding or lead to more ice formation as they refreeze. These piles also get very dirty and can attract unwanted negative attention. Make shopping at or visiting your business a pleasant experience for your customers and employees by hiring a professional commercial snow plowing company this winter.

5. Keep Your Business Safe

The final and most apparent reason to invest in a professional snow removal service for your business this winter is to keep it safe. Hazardous conditions created by snow and ice can lead to many types of injuries which could negatively impact your business. Failing to get your business property cleared of snow quickly could also cause you to lose business, as customers won’t want to make the trek in unsafe conditions. You don’t want to risk the health and safety of your employees either, as they are just as likely to get injured driving to work with poor pavement qualities. Having your employees shovel or clear snow, no matter how small the amount, can be dangerous and is most likely an unfair request not in their job description. The best way to keep yourself, your business, your employees, and your customers safe during the winter season is to hire a professional snow removal company.

Hire Rasevic Companies for Your Commercial Snow Plowing Needs

If you are serious about keeping your business safe, saving you and your employees time and money, and making your business a positive experience for customers, you need to hire a commercial snow removal company. Rasevic Companies offers top-quality snow removal, snow relocation, and ice management services to make sure your business is completely covered this winter. If you are looking to find the best crew for your business, fill out the form below to get a quote from Rasevic and be protected from the next winter snowstorm!

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