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Are you looking to hire a professional snow plow service this winter, but aren’t sure what company to go with? Are you overwhelmed by the number of different options and want to make sure you get the best quality at the best price? Continue reading to learn 3 of the best qualities of a professional snow plow service such as Rasevic Companies so you can make the best decision and keep your pavement safe this winter.

Insurance and Certification

You want to ensure that the snowplowing service you employ is fully certified for snow removal. There are some companies that operate without certification and use a personal plow, so you will want to check for professional certification. Another important aspect of coverage is whether or not the snow removal company has insurance. You’ll want to remove what their insurance policies cover in order to make a better decision if this company is right for your commercial snow removal.

Wide Variety of Different Professional Snow Plow Services

You also want to make sure that your professional snow plowing company offers a wide range of services in order to ensure your commercial business or municipality is fully protected from any winter storm. There are a wide variety of services a snow crew can offer, but some of the most important include anti-icing treatments, snow plowing, sidewalk shoveling, snow relocation, and ice management.


Anti-icing treatments are applied before the start of a storm in order to coat the pavement with a layer of protection against snow and ice. This is done to prevent ice and snow from bonding securely to the pavement surface. Anti-icing typically involves a liquid brine treatment. Liquid brine is a solution of water and either sodium chloride, calcium chloride, or magnesium chloride which all lower the freezing point of water to prevent ice. Liquid brine anti-icing treatments can only be applied before a storm in certain conditions, which is why it is essential that your professional snow removal crew understands how to calculate road conditions, humidity levels, and storm forecasts to determine if a pretreatment could be beneficial in your area. Liquid brine anti-icing helps make storm clean-up more efficient and cost-effective, as plows can easily clear away roads that have been pre-treated.

Snow Plowing

Snowplowing is of course one of the most essential services you may need, and it is important that the crew you hire has sturdy and top-quality snowplows. Faulty equipment could end up wasting time and ultimately your money, and making sure your professional snow plow company has the proper machinery for your size job can help avoid these unwanted consequences.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Sidewalk snow removal and shoveling is just as necessary as snow plowing for most, especially with businesses and municipalities that have lots of pedestrian walkways. Avoiding sidewalk shoveling and opting to do it yourself could end up being more difficult and time-consuming. You also run the risk of missing important areas and failing to remove all the necessary snow. Additionally, sidewalk shoveling can be very laborious and result in injuries to untrained individuals. Choosing a professional snow plow service that offers sidewalk shoveling is an easy and efficient way to ensure your sidewalks are accessible and safe from the snow after a storm.

Snow Relocation

Snow relocation is a service that benefits smaller businesses that don’t have a lot of room for excess snow piles. Plowed snow can quickly accumulate as storms continue to fall throughout the winter, and these piles can become discolored and dirty sitting and melting on your property. A snow relocation service utilizes dump trucks to remove your plowed snow and relocate it to a more convenient dumping location. This can be very beneficial in saving your space and removing unwanted snow that could be taking up valuable parking spaces in your lot. Dirty melting snow can discourage customers and also lead to unsafe pavement conditions as the melted snow refreezes. A snow relocation service is a great way to combat these unwanted consequences, and finding a snowplow service that offers relocation is essential.

Ice Management

Another form of ice management besides anti-icing is deicing. Deicing takes place after the snow has already fallen and ice melt products are applied to melt the ice and snow that has bonded to the pavement. The most popular and effective deicers are Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride. Both are hygroscopic salts that absorb moisture from the air to lower the freezing point of water. These chloride products are available in different forms, including both pellets and flakes. A pellet chloride product has a round shape that makes it more mobile upon application to be spread to far corners in large parking lots. Flake chloride products have a hard, flat shape and they adhere to the ground surface upon application for greater precision. Both pellet and flake chloride products effectively remove unwanted ice and snow build-up. Calcium Chloride is considered the stronger product, as it is more concentrated with 83-87% chloride concentration. This stronger concentration allows less product to be required for an effective application. Magnesium Chloride is similar to Calcium Chloride, but it has a lower chloride concentration. Magnesium Chloride may require slightly more product application, however, it is the more environmentally friendly product option. Magnesium Chloride is considered safer for surrounding plants and animals. If your pavement receives high animal traffic, a professional snow plow company may opt to apply Magnesium Chloride to melt ice. Ice management is a very important service, as icy roads can lead to many dangerous accidents. Ensure that the professional company you hire also specializes in ice management to keep your roads safe and protected.

The last, and maybe most important, quality to look for in your professional snowplow crew is that the company has a positive reputation with customers. You want a company that goes above and beyond to help keep people safe during dangerous weather conditions. You can ask fellow community members for references to ensure they have been satisfied by the previous services to avoid a company that doesn’t have good intentions.

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Rasevic Companies is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier commercial snow removal company. They are licensed and insured, offer a wide variety of snow removal services, and have a positive and glowing reputation among previous customers. Rasevic will give you the best snow removal treatment to ensure your property is completely protected. Fill out the form below to get your free quote and work with Rasevic Companies this winter.

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