The Effect of Dust on Solar Panels: Dust Control Solutions for Solar Farms

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Solar Farm Dust Control

Solar Farms are a crucial part of a large source of energy production for many communities and organizations. These large collections of solar panels absorb sunlight from the sun and transform it into usable energy. Unfortunately, the positive production of solar powered energy can be hindered by the environmental conditions a solar farm is surrounded by. Oftentimes, solar farms are placed on dirt grounds, leading to an excess production of dust. This dust can stick to the solar panels and make them less effective, which hinders energy accumulation and loses money for the company. Rasevic Companies offers premium dust control solutions to help keep solar farms producing energy at their maximum capacity. Read more to learn about how the effect of dust on solar panels and how to control it to keep energy production efficient.

What are Solar Farms?

Solar farms are a group of solar panels designed to create environmentally friendly energy. A solar panel functions by absorbing sunlight from the sun and transforming it into energy for other uses. Solar farms require a large plot of land, that is not always the best quality to maximize energy production. Solar panels are frequently laid on plots of unpaved dirt, leading to excessive production of dust, which can damage the solar panels and lead to losses in energy absorption.

How Does Dust Effect Solar Panels?

An excess accumulation of dust particles on a solar farm can harm the solar panels, the health and safety of workers, as well as a company’s profit margin. Dust particles in the air can get stuck in your machinery and vehicles, making them less effective or require costly repairs. Dust also reduces visibility for workers and can cause breathing problems if inhaled over long periods of time. Your workers will be healthier, safer, and more productive if they are in an environment that is not hindered by dust.

When dust accumulates on solar panels, it can block sunlight from reaching the panel. This can result in major losses over time, hurting your company, customers, and energy efficiency. Proper cleaning of your solar panels is necessary in order to see the most profit and solar energy produced. There are a wide range of more effective products compared to water that can minimize dust production with less frequent applications and more efficiency. Click here to read more about dust control products that can be used on solar farms.

Rasevic Dust Control at Solar Farm

How to Control The Effects of Dust on Solar Panel Farms

There are numerous solutions you can choose from when it comes to controlling dust on your solar farm, however they are not all the most efficient. One way to minimize dust production that your company may be able to perform yourselves is to water the ground regularly. This keeps the dirt road surface damp, preventing dust particles from escaping into the air. While this is an effective short term solution, it requires rigorous upkeep and applications, which could end up being more costly with the need for more equipment vehicles and manpower. This is why it is important to hire a professional dust control specialist to survey your solar farm and determine the most efficient solution to save you time, money, and energy.

Hire a Professional Dust Control Specialist to Minimize the Effects of Dust on Solar Panels: Rasevic Companies

Solar panels are expensive and delicate, which is why you should only turn to an expert to handle your dust control needs for your solar farm. Rasevic Companies offers premium dust control services, effectively utilizing the most efficient dust control solutions and apply these strategies with care and ease to protect your solar farms. Fill out the form below to get a quote for your dust control solution today!

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