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luxury bathroom trends: master bath en suite by Rasevic Construction in Bethesda, MD

Today’s homes go beyond comfort to provide a luxurious retreat from daily stress. And one area of the home that has seen tremendous changes in this philosophy is bathrooms. As you consider building or remodeling your home, it’s vital to consider luxury bathroom trends to not only treat yourself to a peaceful oasis, but to be sure your home has the “wow” factor needed when it’s time to sell.

The latest trend in home remodeling extends the ultimate in comfort and luxury to the room where people express their most intimate needs – the master bathroom or en suite.

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According to RealtorMag and the American Institute of Architects, luxury bathroom trends are important to consider because American homeowners choose to renovate their master bathrooms over any other rooms, including kitchens. MarketWatch just ran a story featuring a couple in Fairfax Virginia who spent $35,000 on their new master bathroom. Rob and Elizabeth Yingling demolished the hot pink fixtures and walls from the 1950s and put in modern fixtures:

  • Glass sliding panel for the shower
  • Recessed lighting
  • Underlit custom cabinetry
  • Aqua green subway tile
  • Underfloor heating

They removed the frosted glass swinging shower door and all traces of hot pink. “Now we wake up to a bathroom exactly the way we want it,” Elizabeth Yinglink told Marketwatch.

spa-like bathroom / wet room by Rasevic in Bethesda, MD - luxury bathroom trends

Spa-like bathroom from Rasevic Construction

When the American Institute of Architects surveyed 500 architectural firms in the fourth quarter of 2015, 29% reported clients asked for larger bathrooms, and that’s an increase from 25% the year before. The AIA estimates clients will spend $350 million in 2016 renovating bathrooms. That’s up from $325 million in 2015.

The AIA says the lowest interest rates since the previous lows set in November 2012 encourage mortgage refinancing, especially to finance home repair. However, that doesn’t explain why so many homeowners choose to expand their master bathrooms until they are almost as large as the master bedroom. Clearly, people enjoy spaciousness and pampering while at their most physically vulnerable.

“600 square feet isn’t out of the ordinary anymore,” according to real estate professional. She particularly praised enclosed-glass rain showers. “It’s not like a shower anymore . . . You are in your own world of water.”

What are the Most Popular Bathroom Upgrades?

As you consider which items in a bathroom include in your project, it may help to look at current luxury bathroom trends. According to an AIA survey, here are the number of architects reporting an increase in demand or popularity for these features

  • LED lighting (85%)
  • Stall showers without bathtubs (65%)
  • Doorless showers (64%)
  • Large walk-in showers (64%)
  • Adaptability or universal design (62%)
  • Radiant heated floors (40%)<
  • Upscale shower fixtures with multiple heads (32%)
  • Water saving toilets (31%)

According to one real estate professional in New York City, buyers want bathrooms that are luxurious, but not complicated. They want their own spa-like space with:

  • Uninterrupted stone walls
  • Minimalistic fixtures
  • Hidden cabinets
  • Double or triple walk-in showers

Average Costs to Build Luxury Bathroom

According to HomeAdvisor, most homeowners spend between $5,600 to $13,000 when building or remodeling a bathroom. The national average is about $9,313 for a bathroom. Labor and construction in the Greater Washington D.C. area runs higher than average. The Yinglings spent $35,000, and did some of the work themselves.

And, of course, the possibilities are as endless as your time, space and imagination!

Is It Worth It? Bathroom Remodeling ROI

If you are remodeling your bathroom to simple add value to your home, you need to watch costs closely. According to Remodeling Magazine, a mid-scale bathroom in Washington D.C. costs $15,035 on average to remodel but only adds $11,629 to the sales value of your home. Upscale renovations cost $49,460 and now add $32,164 to the price of your house if you sold it now.

So the short answer is that you shouldn’t do a luxury bathroom remodeling for ROI alone. Instead, remodel your bathroom for your personal enjoyment. You home is first of all for living in. You live there now, so enjoy it fully.

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